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  • Handling XML data with Windows Phone 7

     Data storage and access is nearly an eternal topic in all kinds of applications. In Windows Phone 7, data manipulation still plays a fundamental and important role. Regrettably, in the current Windows Phone 7 Series there is no local database API that can be used. Windows Phone 7, though, does support access to data in several ways: XML, Isolated Storage, and Cloud Storage. In this article I will introduce to you how to handle XML data in Windows Phone 7 for Silverlight applications. In detail, we'll explore three cases: how to load and render a local resource-formed XML file; how to abstract components hidden inside an XAML (XML form in essence) file, and how to obtain remote XML data via a simple RSS reader sample.


  • Windows Phone 7 development: Microsoft, help us, we need a cuddle

    This post if for people who develop on Windows Phone 7 as a hobby or for small fee. It's not intended to the big development shops, I am quite sure they have all Microsoft tenderness.

    I am angry at Microsoft attitude towards the developers community on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

    Don't waste your personal time just yet. Things have to be fixed fast if MS want to keep up with the mobile market.

    The Marketplace situation is abysmally bad. I spend a lot of my personal time developing apps for Windows Phone 7 because I am a believer and I think Microsoft has done a great job on the user side to provide a fantastic experience.

    On the developer side, it’s another story. Take the app hub and the sales reports. Thanks god I am not doing this for money!

    I have two apps on the market at the moment, one free and one available for the modest sum of 0.99 euros.

    Shocking results! The free app, according to the reports is doing quite well, about 300 downloads and wait… the other one fotoIreland 2 downloads??? After a month and an half??

    I installed before releasing the apps a tracking code and know at any time roughly how many people have downloaded the app, and for fotoIreland, we are talking about more than 500 downloads!

    What the heck is going on. So I contacted immediately the support and this is the stupid and laconic answer I got one day after:

    Thank you for contacting Windows Phone Developer Support.
    Please note that the reports on the Dashboard were just released, and they may not be up to date with the latest changes. Please follow up on this in the upcoming weeks.
    The Windows Phone Marketplace Support Team

    I have to say this is really bad communication!

    Now different theories are emerging. I was told yesterday that it was probably a mistake and it should be a daily figures which I could accept. Still waiting for an official reply on this option.

    Another more sinister possibility exist and I might open a can of worms but I think it’s time we do something. It is likely possible that some windows phone users have a mean of bypassing the purchase system and download apps for free. Even better, using a direct link from the Microsoft Marketplace.

    It's really easy, and I did it for my own app! I managed to download my own application without paying a cent! I think it is time that Microsoft took security a tad more seriously and stopped this lame schoolboy-level marketplace software development. A touch of https, encryption, hell j LiveId security would be useful. As for the lame naming convention of CurrentVersion.xap, that's a joke, or I hope it is? Why not call it fadde56281dea.~ap, anything to make it slightly harder.

    A thread has been opened on the app hub forums. Please consider venting your anger in the thread and if there is enough heat perhaps they will do something before it is too late. Try it, google CurrentVersion.xap and see by yourself. It won't take you too long to find this Russian website giving listings of apps and meta XML containing their direct download links.

    Microsoft should be ashamed of this mess!

    Guys you have a fantastic new platform, you have worked hard to get developers on board, and now you are screwing up things big time.

    What we want is a better Marketplace, better and more accurate stats, and better communication channels. Don’t cheat with us.

    Another annoying thing also is the paperwork required for pay out. I sent the required form to the IRS department in US about 12 weeks ago. Still waiting! You should provide some help on the matter for all non US developers, I believe I am not the only one in this situation. I am tired to see on the app hub every day the same silly message telling me that I can’t be paid because I didn’t provided the right documentation, etc…

    Come on guys, we need a cuddle!