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June 2004 - Posts

Starck works with Microsoft

New optical mouse announced by Microsft and designed by Starck (exist in red or blue):

You can preorder them on Amazon. Noiw if Microsoft start to works with guru designers like Philippe Starck, what is left to Apple ?


Posted: Jun 29 2004, 03:12 PM by | with no comments
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VS 2005 express and SQL 2005 Express

God, it's fever day :-) So many posts to announce the Messiah, no sorry Visual Studio Express 2005 !

OK I admit I couldn't resist, I downloaded it and installed the package.

First thoughts:

- I know it's Beta, but I am quite sure the Installer can be improved. The first setup is just there to download the full package(roughly 300Mb with SQL Express).
I think Microsoft should advertise clearly on the download page that it's not really made to be downloaded with a 14.4 K modem (No joke there, I know people still using a modem)

- The installer sucks. Everything works well, but the progress bar don't match the real job. I can see the end of the progress bar, but the installation finished 20 minutes after.

- I don't see any snap-in for SQL Express. Does it means it's only accessible through Visual Studio ? I know it's a 'cheaper' version, but it would be great to have something separate from Visual Studio to manage the databases.
What's about Database administrators ?

- OK it's Beta but Visual Studio 2005 is slow to launch (about 40 seconds in the best case). I don't think it's my PC, because I installed it on three different ones.

- On a positive note, my first love goes for the new Intellisense. Having this working for every tag or every piece of code is something truly amazing. I can see now all the members and advanced ones, and it's great to learn from there. Check the Form tag for example, you have some good new attributes there.

- I didn't completely absorbed the .Net 2.0 new features, but I quite remembered that code behind was dead and replaced by code beside. In VS 2005 Express, I can still see the same code behind structure as in VS 2003.

- I would like to see on MSDN site a comparison chart with all the new 2005 versions and SQL Express regarding SQL 2005. I would like to see what I miss if I choose to stick on Visual Studio Express.

Anyway I don't really have the time to go further, so this was just a shallow approach, and anyway it's really a great result for Beta 1.

My only wish is that all Microsoft and non Microsoft bloggers don't forget the current .Net version. Still a lot to do with the good ol' tools :-)


Posted: Jun 29 2004, 03:00 PM by | with 3 comment(s)
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Apple lost the plot

So the WWDC was full of promises (new Ipod, new Imac G5, etc...).

Well all this is finally vaporware ! Welcome to the new ...30" screen !?!?

What the hell is going on with Steve Jobs ? I used to be a Mac fanatic a long time ago. I own an Ipod, but there man I am lost.

Who's going to pay $3,299 for a screen + $599 for the graphic card(yes you need a special one) + few bucks for a good opticians( at this resolution you surely go blind) + some good tip for the delivery boy (I believe this beast is heavy).

Apple used to be the 'poor' company against the 'riches', the Mac being the Volkswagen of the computer age.

The only thing is Tiger, another feline in the Apple circus. Well there again more like a cat than a roaring lion.

Well there, Steve you deserve zero for this.

<note>No need to flame me if you are a zealous Apple fanatic, as I said I was part of the family too, not anymore, and this is just my personal opinion</note>


Posted: Jun 28 2004, 08:29 PM by | with no comments
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Visual Studio 2005 Beta will be there this week

Yes I can confirm it will be available for MSDN subscribers this week. This is extracted from an email sent today by Microsoft Ireland:


In addition, it has been confirmed that the Visual Studio 2005 Beta1 is being released internally in the next couple of days, should be up on the MSDN subscriber download site this week and will be included in the next MSDN update to hit Irish Desks.


Great news :-) But I still have a lot to do with the current version


Posted: Jun 28 2004, 04:50 PM by | with no comments
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Apple eye of the Tiger

Some aggressive banners for the new MacOS X Tiger at Apple WWDC (click to enlarge)

Click image for larger version

Name:  IMG_1093.jpg
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Name:  IMG_1094.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:  IMG_1095.jpg
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Size:  40.3 KBClick image for larger version

Name:  IMG_1096.jpg
Views: 2460
Size:  47.9 KB

Via MacRumors

Posted: Jun 28 2004, 11:37 AM by | with 2 comment(s)
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Visual Studio 2005 Beta Ready to Roll

Microsoft is including Visual Studio Team System technology in the first beta of Visual Studio 2005, to be released at TechEd Europe. 

Read more here and here.


Posted: Jun 26 2004, 09:19 PM by | with no comments
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Web browser flaw prompts warning
Users are being told to avoid using Internet Explorer until Microsoft patches a serious security hole in it.

The loophole is being exploited to open a backdoor on a PC that could let criminals take control of a machine.

The threat of infection is so high because the code created to exploit the loophole has somehow been placed on many popular websites.

Experts say the list of compromised sites involves banks, auction and price comparison firms and is growing fast.


Source: BBC

What the Microsoft bloggers think about this news ?


Posted: Jun 25 2004, 07:30 PM by | with 2 comment(s)
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Shocking patent


Posted: Jun 25 2004, 05:47 PM by | with no comments
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Windows CE and Windows Embedded Lab Tour

Great ! Mike Hall give a tour of the Windows CE lab.

At the end don't forget the guide :-)

A real Geek treasure chest ! Amazing I want all of them !


Posted: Jun 24 2004, 02:45 PM by | with no comments
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Root and Virtual: path tip

Well I think I figured out a very simple way to make my paths working in my virtual directory and in the root of the live server.

The problem as I mentioned this morning, was about URL rewriting.

So if you have a fake URL like this : http://mysite/products/ you are surely going to have some problems with your images.

Indeed if you don't do anything your images are now seen under http://mysite/products/images/yourimage

This can be a nightmare if you develop locally on Windows XP (as everybody should do :-)) under a virtual directory. As I said this morning the ~ to indicate the root for a server side tag doesn't work anymore for this scenario.

Scott  suggested a BASE tag but the cons there is about implementing this in every page and changing agin when I deploy the site.

Another solution I just found is to write my images path like this:

~//images/myimage.gif (note the double /) and it works perfectly using a virtual directory or not.

I should also mention the idea submitted by Jeff Gonzalez (thanks for that) about the stylesheets links:

We wrote a config section for our stylesheets that allows them to be configured dynamically via the configuration API. In our PageBase class we use the ~ in our paths.

The config file xml looks like....

<StyleSheet Name="DefaultPage" Href="~/Lib/Css/DefaultPage.css" Media="Screen"/>

In our PageBase class we have the following code in our Init method... (forgive me, it is VB.NET)

Dim _StyleSheets As StyleSheetCollection = CType(System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig("StyleSheetSettings"), CodeMakerX.Foundation.Web.Helpers.StyleSheetSettings).StyleSheets
For i As Int32 = 0 To _StyleSheets.Count - 1
Page.Controls.AddAt(0, _StyleSheets(i).Render)

The render method for the StyleSheet class returns a LiteralControl built using a stringbuilder...

_sb = new StringBuilder();

_sb.Append("<link media=\"\"").Append(Media).Append("\"\" ");
_sb.Append("href=\"\").Append(_StylePath).Append(Href).Append(\"\" ");
_sb.Append("type=\"text/css\" rel=\"stylesheet\">");

return new LiteralControl(_sb.ToString());

Inside our Href property get statement, we have the following code to ensure that the path resolves correctly regardless of using virtual directories or having the application reside in the root...

if( _Href.IndexOf("~") == 0 )
if (System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath == "/" )
_Href = _Href.Replace("~", "");
_Href = _Href.Replace("~", System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath);

return _Href

So far we have been able to run all of our web applications on our local machines using vdirs for development, and run them as the root on staging and production.


Posted: Jun 24 2004, 02:23 PM by | with 1 comment(s)
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