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  • .Net 1.2

    Ok now that the Microsoft .Net team got a short break after some good job in the past few months, can they answer this question.


  • Don't do this with .Net 2.0 Beta 1 !

    Well hopefully this will help somebody to avoid the same mistake.

    Like many others I rushed on the new VS 2005 Express Beta 1. I installed on a machine with a previous version of .Net 1.1.

    Thankfully this is not my main production PC. I run then in a series of small troubles, but like a coming storm, it gets to a point where I was unable to start any debugging session with a VS 2003 project.


  • SQL Express admin

    Thanks to Scott Guthrie to clarify this:

    There will be a separate admin tool for SQL Express with the next beta. For Beta1 all admin can be done via VS 2005.

    Hope this helps,





  • SQL Express wish

    OK so SQL Express is on my machine, with already a SQL 2000 already installed. Now comes the surprise: no more snap-in to manage my databases ?!?

    I tried to register SQL Express 2005 (which comes as an instance Yourmachine\SQLEXPRESS) using Enterprise manager. A message come to say that I need SQL workbench to manage my data.

    So obviously I don't have any other tools except Visual Studio Express 2005.

    My wish is for the Microsoft guys is that you make a separate manager for SQL Express 2005. IMO, it's much more productive and you can learn a lot by using different tools for a database or an application project.



  • Starck works with Microsoft

    New optical mouse announced by Microsft and designed by Starck (exist in red or blue):

    You can preorder them on Amazon. Noiw if Microsoft start to works with guru designers like Philippe Starck, what is left to Apple ?


  • VS 2005 express and SQL 2005 Express

    God, it's fever day :-) So many posts to announce the Messiah, no sorry Visual Studio Express 2005 !

    OK I admit I couldn't resist, I downloaded it and installed the package.


  • Web browser flaw prompts warning

    The loophole is being exploited to open a backdoor on a PC that could let criminals take control of a machine.

    The threat of infection is so high because the code created to exploit the loophole has somehow been placed on many popular websites.

    Experts say the list of compromised sites involves banks, auction and price comparison firms and is growing fast.


  • Root and Virtual: path tip

    Well I think I figured out a very simple way to make my paths working in my virtual directory and in the root of the live server.

    The problem as I mentioned this morning, was about URL rewriting.


  • My world is virtual

    OK I figured out yesterday how to make my URL rewriting working. Strangely, I just had to keep my original Form tag to have everything working properly.

    Now another puzzling question. As many develoipers I write my code locally and I mange a lot of different web applications.
    So my world is made of virtual directory.

    Of course, this is great only locally, because when I deploy to my servers, everything back to the root for most of the stuff.

    I know everything about relative and absolute paths, root (~). The question is how to code one good way my paths to be sure that nothing break when I move from my virtual world to my real world ?

    By the way sadly some tags cannot be transformed as server side tags. An important one is the <Link tag to embed a stylesheet.

    Other curious thing: if you use URL rewriting, the ~ root trick don't work anymore and it's easy to understand why :-)


  • URL rewriting, help required

    I need some help here. For a web application I needed to use URL rewriting to create some nice easy to remember addresses.

    Everything's fine except for some controls. I have on this page a Search textbox, so the user can enter a text and I send him to a search results page.

    Very trivial, but with URL rewriting, according to this excellent article, you need to override the form tag to make things working properly.
    So I used the assembly provided with the article, and actually only the method GET works. The POST method don't fire any events and send me back a 405 error.


  • Shadow effect for your windows

    A useless but useful gadget software to add a shadow effect to Windows.

    It's really cool to see at last the windows in some sort of 3D effect. The menus can also have a shadow and transparency.


  • VBParser Beta 1

    When I started this blog a year ago, one of the things that I mentioned that I was working on in my spare time was a scanner and parser for the Visual Basic language. It's kind of been on the back burner, behind things like VB 2005 and the book, but it's finally gotten complete enough to release! I created a GotDotNet workspace for the code, and there's a binary release there as well.


  • Alister Jones ask to Microsoft: Is Whidbey over complicated ?

    This is surely the most exciting and deep debate I ever read on Whidbey. Alister really you got the right angle. The critics are positive, and I fully share your comments.

    It's so well written that I decided to keep your questions and answers by Bertrand Le Roy as an article on this blog.

    The only difference I have with you, is that I played a bit with a Whidbey preview, and yes I share the same feelings (and some pain).

    I don't consider myself as a guru, more an intermediate developer and yes I found some aspects of Whidbey over complicated.

    The Masterpage system is surely one of my most important concern, because like you I use Metabuilders templating system today, and I don't really understand all the fuss about the new system.

    I share also with you this feeling that most examples today you can find in many articles pin point on the details, but not on the big picture.
    As you say so well in your comments, the fact that you can now flatten an n-tier architecture by embedding the SQL queries in the presentation layer, is apparently shown by Microsoft developers as just another option.Unfortunatly guys, if you offer this option to newbies (or lazy developers :-)), you surely going to make this as a de facto model.

    I think it's time now that all developers as a community, engage a real debate with Microsoft. Well the blogging idea is there now, and more than 600 Microsoft bloggers should surely help on the matter.

    Alister, you said as a conclusion you wish a larger audience for your post, here we go now ! I suggest also that you open urgently a blog somewhere.


  • Visual Basic Power Pack

    The Visual Basic Power Pack consists of seven custom controls written in Visual Basic .NET 2003. The controls provide enhanced user interface elements and enable you to create more interesting and more colorful client based applications.

    Download here



  • XForms 1.1 Requirements

    XForms is an XML application that represents the next generation of forms for the Web. This document specifies the requirements for XForms 1.1.


  • WebForms 2.0

    Ian Hickson extends the HTML 4.01 Forms specification to allow Web authors to easily add validation requirements to form fields.


  • ASP.Net Forums 2

    Just in case you missed it, ASP.Net Forums 2 is now in RC 2.

    I will give a go for a small project, because of the moderation features included now. So now next step seems to be the Gold promised for July.

    Thumbs up also for the new installer, clean and complete.

    Download here

    Explanations posted by Eric Duncan:

    This should be the Final Beta before we go Gold (ETA late June/early July).  Before downloading, please read the following release notes:


    1.1 Support for non-DBO Database users / Shared WebHosting

    We’re happy to announce the forums can now be installed, and run under a non-DBO user account.  This should help with the shared hosting distribution of the forums.


    1.1.1 Update databaseOwner

    If you want to use a non-DBO account, you may need to update the /Web/web.config file manually to the username.  Open the web.config file and change the property of databaseOwner in the SqlForumsProvider to the username to run the forums under.  Note: this user must have the db_ddladmin Database Role associated with it to create the new DB objects. 


    1.1.2 Shared Webhosting

    To distribute your files to your shared hosting account, simply FTP the /Web/ directory only.  If you want to restrict it more, you can exclude all *.cs and *.resx files (/web/admin, /web/moderate/) as these are only needed for editing and recompiling the code locally on your machine.


    You can run the InstallWizard, skip the “Setup Web Server” portion, and use the “Setup Database” screen to setup your MSSQL database remotely.


    1.2 New Skin Layout

    In this version, we have broken up the html into more skin modules, with heavy commenting.  This should allow for easier skinning. 


    1.2.1 Can not use older Themes

    With the skin and server control updates, older Themes will not work with this version.  The good news is this is the final skinning model and will not change from now until release of 2.0 Gold!  (except for the Admin and Moderation skins)


    1.2.2 Banner / Site Branding Forums Server Control

    We’ve added a Forums:Banner() Server Control (and skin) to help skinners brand their websites into the forums.  This skin is where you would place your common menu text/system and header / column information.


    1.3 Moderation!

    This version has a preliminary version of the Moderation features.  This includes moderation (Approval) of posts, as well as users awaiting approval.  This also an overhaul of the moderation of postViews to allow for easier moderation of users and posts (Splitting, Merging, Deleting, Moving of posts).


    1.4 Emails Re-Formatted

    The Emails template has been updated (English only) for the a common look-n-feel.  Especially in the subject line to allow for easier filter in end-user’s mailboxes.


    1.5 Updating your current forums

    Upgrading from previous version?  We've got you covered.  Once you unpackage the files, there are upgrade scripts located in the /data/SqlDataProvider/ directory.  The two scripts are for the following users:


    Alpha -> Beta2

    Beta1 -> Beta2


    If you were staying up-to-date with the SourceGearVault source, and/or the latest source code snapshot (CAB), this upgrade will be a little more involved.


    1.5.1 Fix Languages

    Some things to note during an upgrade are two major items that need to be updated in the user's profile, or the forums will fail (throw a site exception) for the user when they come back to visit the site.


    First, you must update the database for the renamed English language default value.  This even applies to databases that are currently running another language. To update the user’s languages, use the fixhash.exe tool located in the /Support Tools/ directory.  The property name is "language", old value is "en-en", new value is "en-US".  Note, don’t use Quotes in the command line string.


    1.5.2 Fix Themes
    This next entry does not apply to Alpha or Beta1 users, but only users that were running the latest code. 


    Second, update the user's Themes they may be using.   To update the themes, use the fixhash.exe tool located in the /Support Tools/ directory.  The property name is "Theme", old value is "ElectricMidnight", new value is "MidnightBlack".  Note, don’t use Quotes in the command line string.


    1.6 Import / Export Utility

    Due to the database structure change, the Import/Export Utility to import your other forums into the RC2 version will be released at a later time, and is not included in this Beta 2.


    1.7 Documentation

    …is not up-to-date in this release.




    And to round out this release, are some known issues.  We currently have a bug tracking database up at:

   (u/p: guest/guest)


    Please perform a search here FIRST, before reporting a bug.  If you have specific code information, we welcome developers to add entries to this database.



    Known Issues

    • User Welcome Screen not fully functional (new skins). 
    • Not all skins have been updated to the new version (just a couple)
    • Windows 2003 Server does not have System.Web.ProcessInfo() enabled by default.  This will cause an N/A to show up in the Admin Control panel for the time the service has been up.  This is by design.
    • Some moderation features are a little buggy.  We’ve noted most of them in the Gemini to be completed.



    Thank you everyone for your support!  This is just the beginning.  There is so much to come that extends off of the Forums coming soon.  Stay tuned!




  • An idea for .Text

    I think it could be a good idea to have on the .Text admin tool a way to easily jump to an old post in the case I want to edit it.

    I say that because it's really difficult to go back more than one month in the past.

    Unless someone know a shortcut. 



  • Freeze header and columns

    Finally a nice solution to freeze headers and columns in a datagrid.

    Well Irwansyah don't use the standard Datagrid but create on the fly a Datatable with different embedded DIVS.

    The only thing that seems to be check is the Onresize Javascript event which seems to be a bit slow, because the code redesign the size of the table dynamically.

    It would be nice to see what expert like Dino or Marcie think about this approach.