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April 2005 - Posts

VS2005 Beta 2 So far so good :-)

As many have already done with the latest Beta, I also give a try. The challenge was quite easy, to see if my 'big' pet project Scoilnet would convert without screaming.

Well very surprised indeed, not a single issue with the conversion. I installed Visual Studio Team System (3.75Gb Pheww!) and so far so good.

Just one little annoying thing. When something slow down in VS for any reason, all the computer become slow. I tried VS on 3 different computers without Virtual PC.

Maybe for the final release, Microsoft should implement some kind of progress bar or some mechanism to show that the application has not crashed !

Otherwise, I really enjoy the new HTML editor, and even more the new collapsing system. I can now work on some specific part of my code with everything collapsed except one expanded section. Sweet!

I am pleased also that the conversion works also when you have a solution with multiple projects. In this case, VS2005 transform the old project as a C# or VB project. No more Solutions or Projects folders !

All the code behind is also still there, and it will surely be some time before I move to the code beside idea.

In the Solution Explore you can also keep your code behind closed and instead use the new View Code button to see your code. It's just a detail, but it keep things cleaner and show how deep are the changes in this version.

Because I am lucky enough to host all my projects, next step will be to try publishing Scoilnet '2.0' on one of my servers in the next couple of days. I will let you know when it's done.


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Fix: Your ASP.NET application may stop responding when it starts in the .NET Framework 1.1

I never heard about this class but KBAlertz report a fix for the case your application use CompilationMutex class.


When your Microsoft ASP.NET application starts in the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, your application may stop responding. This problem may occur when the .NET Framework tries to access the CompilationMutex class.
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ASPToday seems to be really dead this time

One of the most prestigious 'grandfather' website for ASP and .Net resources, AspToday is apparently dead :-(

After the disastrous business closure of Wrox publishing, after being rescued by Apress with a lot (at least at the start) of attempts to keep the beast alive, it seems that today AspToday is more like AspYesterday.

UPDATE: seems to work for some, but not for me. Anybody in Europe can try?

UPDATE 2: Work now this morning from office, but not at home. Strange, every other sites are ok?!?

Posted: Apr 14 2005, 05:41 PM by | with 10 comment(s)
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Blogs.Msdn on CommunityServer

I just noticed that Microsoft bloggers at are now under CommunityServer.

So when can we expect the same for Weblogs.Asp.Net?


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INDA - Next events - INDIGO - SQL 2005 - C# 2.0 - Register now

Thanks to Cathal Connolly for his excellent presentation on DotNetNuke last week. You can now find the slides and the audio from his presentation on in the archives section. 

Please note that all of our Dublin meetings will take place in the same location until further notice - that is Buswells Hotel on Kildare Street. (Check the session page on our site for more details).

Next Date for your Diary:

Our next session is one I am sure you will not want to miss: An Introduction to Indigo on Tuesday 3rd May at 7.00pm in Buswells Hotel. We are really delighted that Paul Fallon has agreed to give us what is probably one of the first talks on this new Microsoft product. 
We are expecting large numbers for this so please register as soon as you can to confirm a place.

Indigo is the upcoming next big technology. Both beginners and experts will surely have a lot of things to learn from Paul Fallon. If you’d like to suggest what you’d like Paul to cover in his presentation, contact me or Paul using the forums on the site.

Indeed I would encourage with all my energy anyone interested in getting involved in INDA to join us in our meetings . A lot of good things happen in INDA, not only the free food and the drinks, but also you can meet very interesting people.

This meeting is sponsored by Microsoft, again, a big thank you to Clare and  Robert for all the amazing stuff you have done for INDA since we started.

Date Change For June Session:

Please note that the date of the presentation on C# 2.0 to be given by Eamon O’Tuathail has been changed to Wednesday 15th of June(instead of Tuesday 14th).

Looking for Speakers

INDA is looking for speakers who can relate their 'real world' experience using .Net (e-commerce, mobile development, finances, etc...) . Contact me if you have an interesting case study you’d like to share. 

Don’t forget that all our meetings are free to attend and have free food and drink in the bar after the meeting, thanks to our fantastic sponsors. You can also win all sorts of books and gadgets during the sessions.

So check the list of proposed sessions, and if you are not yet registered it's time to do so.  

Reminder: Calendar of Events

Tuesday 3rd May – An Introduction to Indigo - by Paul Fallon - sponsored by Allen Recruitment

Tuesday 24th May – A Developer’s Lap Around Sequel Server 2005 - by Robert Burke - sponsored by Microsoft

Wednesday 15th June – C# 2.0 - by Eamon O’Tuathail - sponsored by Microsoft

Check for the registration

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New VB 6 Microsoft site

Yes it's not April Fool, a new site dedicated to VB6.

I believe Microsoft intentions are to push VB 6 developers to go to VB.Net.

VB 6 rest in peace :-)



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Ajax demo

The technique used on this page is known as 'Ajax' or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and only works with modern browsers (Firefox, Safari and IE 6 should all work).

It's a really a great idea and this demo prove the advantages in situation like a search function. I think Gmail use also Ajax in some features.

Check the Wikipedia page to know more about Ajax


Posted: Apr 06 2005, 03:38 PM by | with 1 comment(s)
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The Form Assembly

This site is incredible. If you are interested in client-side tools to improve your forms check this now.

One of the online tool I already used a lot is the Form builder. You can create any HTML form, including some advanced stylesheets.

The Form Builder

The Form Builder is a tool for creating standard compliant web forms. It integrates the wForms extension and relies on a set of technologies like XML, XMLHttpRequest, XSLT and DOM (a.k.a Ajax) to provide a seamless single-screen experience.


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Congratulations to Kieran Lynam our first Irish MVP :-)

I am too modest to say I have something to do with the great news that Kieran Lynam has been awarded MVP, (just joking:-)),

But hey if it's true that my rant this weekend has something to do with this fantastic news, let me be pride of the info! In any ways I am happy for Kieran.

Finally one Irish MVP! I hope to see Kieran tomorrow at INDA's meeting to offer him a round. Come on now we need a second MVP, and this time guys if you need some help finding one, I already know some great Irish developers.

Cheers Kieran :-)


Posted: Apr 04 2005, 07:07 PM by | with 5 comment(s)
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Indigo talk -Suggestions ?

Paul Fallon (one of the guys I would like to see as an MVP), ask for suggestions about his next talk on Indigo. Check INDA user group forum.


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