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  • INDA - New event added to the long list ;-)

    Tags: .NET, General

    Announcement :Our July session has been confirmed for Friday 15th July and will be on Visual Studio 2005 and Compact Framework 2.0. The speaker will be Daniel Moth from INETA UK. This will … more

  • Another USB mad gadget

    Tags: Gizmos

    Sorry I couldn't resist. You think you already seen everything possible to plug in your USB PC port? Well I can say not yet buddy. I present you the desktop USB fondue set  Wow now no more … more

  • Aerocool - Access front panel for your PC

    Tags: General, Gizmos

    Just received today my new toy for my home PC Aerocool. Easy to install, and it's great to have an easy access from the front, no more crawling behind the desk to plug this damn USB stuff. Check … more

  • So what I am doing now...dScribe 2

    Tags: General, Project dScribe

    In case one individual in this vast galaxy wonder what happens to my CMS pet project dScribe, yes it's still alive moving forward to the version 2. The actual version 1.6 is now used by more than 22 … more

  • Ireland .Net Developers Alliance in the medias

    Tags: General

    INDA events are from now made their way in the press. Computerscope, an Irish IT magazine, has an article about our next events, Indigo and C#, in their April edition. Just a note, apparently they … more

  • Our feedback is crucial

    Tags: .NET

    I see a lot of us have starting playing with the Beta 2 bits. But one thing is crucial, we have to give our feedback to Microsoft on what should be improved or fixed. I almost myself yesterday forgot … more

  • Exclude files in VS 2005 Beta 2

    Tags: .NET

    How do I 'Exclude Files From Project' in VS 2005?  I have a solution that requires files to exists in the directory structure but not be compiled. Where has this functionality moved to?  … more

  • VS2005 Beta 2 So far so good :-)

    Tags: .NET

    As many have already done with the latest Beta, I also give a try. The challenge was quite easy, to see if my 'big' pet project Scoilnet would convert without screaming. Well very surprised indeed, … more

  • ASPToday seems to be really dead this time

    Tags: .NET

    One of the most prestigious 'grandfather' website for ASP and .Net resources, AspToday is apparently dead :-( After the disastrous business closure of Wrox publishing, after being rescued by … more

  • Blogs.Msdn on CommunityServer

    Tags: General

    I just noticed that Microsoft bloggers at are now under CommunityServer. So when can we expect the same for Weblogs.Asp.Net?   more

  • New VB 6 Microsoft site

    Tags: .NET, General

    Yes it's not April Fool, a new site dedicated to VB6. I believe Microsoft intentions are to push VB 6 developers to go to VB.Net. VB 6 rest in peace :-)     more

  • Ajax demo

    Tags: .NET, CSS-HTML, General

    The technique used on this page is known as 'Ajax' or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and only works with modern browsers (Firefox, Safari and IE 6 should all work). It's a really a great idea and … more

  • The Form Assembly

    Tags: CSS-HTML

    This site is incredible. If you are interested in client-side tools to improve your forms check this now. One of the online tool I already used a lot is the Form builder. You can create any HTML form, … more

  • Indigo talk -Suggestions ?

    Tags: .NET

    Paul Fallon (one of the guys I would like to see as an MVP), ask for suggestions about his next talk on Indigo. Check INDA user group forum.   more