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  • Google Android alias the Evil Cloud

    Tags: Community News Mobile

    Like many on this planet, I followed today the official launch of Android by Google. Personally I am not impressed, and I noticed very quickly some issues. First it's Google, so what you got with … more

  • What are the hidden features of Asp.Net?

    Tags: ASp net

    There are always features that would be useful in fringe scenarios, but for that very reason most people don't know them. What are the ones that you know? Summary of Answers: Here's a list based on … more

  • Taking an ASP.NET Site Offline with a Message

    Tags: ASp net

    This was another one that I was literally beside myself that I didn't know this one before. A fellow business partner of mine named James Sutton mentioned this one to me. This one's been around since … more

  • New Image Generator control in ASP.Net 3.5

    Tags: ASp net

    Storing images in database BLOB field and displaying it on aspx page is one of the common tasks we do in projects.  Asp.Net itself does not have an in build control to bind the image … more

  • H.264 and AAC support coming to Silverlight

    Tags: Silverlight

    Great news! But does it means Windows Media Services will be updated or we need to use only Windows Server 2008? “At IBC 2008 we will be demonstrating a technology preview of H.264 video and … more

  • Surface SDK in action

    Tags: Silverlight WPF

    Via Tim Heuer blog, I discovered this cool video of Surface in action. I am amaze by the relatively simple code to produce such incredibel effects. Check here...   more

  • ASP.NET AJAX Page Methods

    Tags: Asp net ajax

    Simply put, a Page Method is a page specific WebMethod.  Instead of creating a full web service for your method, you can conveniently create a method in your page and use it from client-script.& … more

  • SQL Server 2008 - Merge Statement

    Tags: SQL Server 2008

    In this article Nidal Arabi examines the usage of a SQL Server 2008 feature named Merge statement. It is a new T-SQL Statement that allows you to perform join of tables and then apply one of … more

  • Slider AJAX control in ASP.NET 2.0 and C#

    Tags: Asp net ajax

    In this article Joe Maguire will explain how you can easily create an AJAX enabled web site within Visual Studio 2005 utilizing C# and how to utilize the AJAX framework to add a simple control from … more

  • Progressbar for long running scripts

    Tags: Asp net ajax

    I have been looking, to no avail, for an easy way to show a progress bar in ASP.NET that can be updated with C# code-behind, so this one built by Wayne Redelinghuys might be useful to other … more

  • GoogleMap control

    Tags: Asp net ajax

      Wraps Google Maps API as ASP.NET custom control. Offers extremely easy and fast way of adding Google Maps API support on your ASP.NET pages. Read more...   more

  • Google Chrome

    Tags: Community News

    So not really a big surprise but Google launch a new browser today called Chrome. Now one question to my future self: When I am going to get some sleep? Not only I have to struggle with two … more