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5 apps done and available in Windows 8 store !
At the end of last year, I took the personal challenge to create multiple apps for Windows 8, XAML and C#. I had at the time one app ready but difficulties to pass the certification process. How things have changed since that dreadfu time ;-) The whole...
Posted: Jan 30 2013, 04:36 PM by | with no comments
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Phoney Windows Phone 7 Project Now Available!
UPDATE: Phoney now has a NuGet package. Search on NuGet to add Phoney to your project! I started this project when I found I had a number of small classes that I'd built for my Windows Phone 7 application so I thought it was time to share. here is the...
Windows Phone 7 Isolated Storage Explorer
WP7 Isolated Storage Explorer is a tool designed to help developers and testers interact with the isolated storage file for Silverlight Windows Phone 7 applications. The explorer can work both as a desktop application for testers or integrated in Visual...
Why it is so difficult to find a good Ads SDK for Windows Phone 7
This post try to address an issue with the Microsoft Advertising SDK, the main fact that today Microsoft is still refusing access to the Ad Center worldwide. Yesterday they generously increase the number of free apps we can develop from 5 to 100. According...
Coding4Fun Toolkit for WP7 Overview and Getting Started
This post is an overview of the new Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit . It offers developers additional controls and helper classes for Windows Phone 7 application development, designed to match the rich user experience of the Windows Phone 7. The official...
Create quickly an app for WP7 no code involved
FollowMyFeed allows you to quickly create your Windows Phone 7 application for free without any technical knowledge.
Who ate all the pies!!
Richard Griffin current project has taken him on an interesting journey of late and so he thought that it would be helpful to share with you some of his experiences and of course some code. He have been taking a look into charting on WP7 Read more...
Jurassic a Javascript .Net compiler
What is Jurassic? Jurassic is an implementation of the ECMAScript language and runtime. It aims to provide the best performing and most standards-compliant implementation of JavaScript for .NET. Jurassic is not intended for end-users; instead it is intended...
Posted: Jan 18 2011, 05:26 PM by | with 1 comment(s)
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How to write good code
Silverlight question
This is something puzzling. In one of my new project for Windows Phone 7 I am using a Listbox in Silverlight. I also handled an event for each time the selected item changed in the Listbox and everything is working well. At the start of the app I populate...
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