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This is the first post in a week-long series on multitouch in Windows 7.

What is multitouch?

Most everyone is comfortable with using a mouse to navigate on a computer.  An alternate form of user input is touch.  For some time, we have had touch machines (such as tablets) that allow us to substitute one finger on the screen for the mouse.  Multitouch takes this paradigm one step further: the computer can recognize and respond to multiple touch points at the same time (for instance, multiple fingers on the screen).  Multitouch is a huge part of the NUI (Natural User Interface) movement. 

Multitouch Part 1: Getting Started with Multitouch in Windows 7

Multitouch Part 2: Support for Gestures in Windows 7

Multitouch Part 3: Multitouch in managed code and WPF

Multitouch Part 4: Multitouch in Silverlight





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