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ASP.NET Application variables or Static Members?

I was not aware that it was possible to use Static members in Classes and have them retain their state until today when myself and a few colleagues were discussing some code in an older application Portfolio Europe developed called EBCentre which is a stock management tool for Used Car Dealerships used throughout the UK and Europe.

After a little searching one of my colleagues came up with an MSDN article that states: -

  • A key reason that the Application object exists in ASP.NET is for compatibility with classic ASP code—to allow easier migration of existing applications to ASP.NET. If you are creating an ASP.NET application from scratch, you will want to consider storing data in static members of the application class rather than in the Application object. This will yield a performance increase over using the Application object. An explanation of using statics, as well as some sample code, is listed in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q312607: INFO: Application Instances, Application Events, and Application State in ASP.NET.
  • That's something new I learnt for today :)

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    Ever had one of those days where you've done lots but achieved nothing?

    I've not stopped today, but I feel as though I have achieved nothing.

    I'm currently working on five projects simultaneously (Audi UK used car locator, Audi Australia used car locator, ALD Cartakeaway, Some Windows Services to ensure the integrity of Data Between our Internal SQL Servers and File Servers and our External Systems and an Internal Photography Submission Windows forms application), which I can cope with - but I don't feel I'm getting anywhere.

    There's no sense of achievement, my to-do list seems to grow not shrink. Ahhh the joys of software development. It's nearly 19:00 UK time and I'm still in work!!

    Oh and to top it all off, I managed to ship out the wrong version of the Photography Submission software to about thirty Photographers, this would not have been so bad if the build was recent, but it was two revisions out of date.

    *mumble it's only Monday*


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