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Globalized Sites - Chrysler Jeep - Belgium

I recently launched another site I've been working on, it's a Used Car Locator similar to that of the Chrysler Jeep Dodge site for the Netherlands which is in Dutch (nl-NL) but for Belgium in both French (fr-BE) and Flemmish (nl-BE).

The localization is done by using Resource files in .NET (compiled from text files using resgen.exe).

I *hate* resource files, the fact I have to compile them really winds me up - I'm working hard on a content management system that is completly multi lingual, and can serve resources in the form of XML, Resource files and a few other formats.


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And another site goes Live...

I've recently (about two weeks ago) made another used car locator live, specifically one for Horners Motor Group here in the UK.

The site is one of several I have now built on top of a Framework using Strongly Typed objects and Strongly Typed Collections.

I'm slowly winning a battle within my development team to move away from untyped DataSet's to either Strongly Typed DataSet's or Strongly Typed Objects.

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