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North West England - Manchester .NET User Group

After much faffing about on my part (sorry about that) I've managed to get this sorted out (as discussed here), VBUG have kindly offered to help us out and offer the services of their already established user group :

The next meeting is on the 16th of this month: -

Date: Wednesday 16 June 2004

Venue: Alphameric Retail LTD, Southside House, Altrincham Road, Manchester, M22 4NY

Times: 18.30 - 21.00

Registration Details: E-mail or call the office on 01753 648555

Price: FREE

The talk on the 16th is on "Real world example of design and development considerations when developing browser based .NET applications" which sounds like as good a topic as any to start on, but going forward we're hoping to get much more involved ourselves with speakers from INETA, Microsoft and the MS Web Dev UK list getting involved, and if push comes to shove I'll get up and mumble my way through a presentation or open discussion on a topic ;-)

Right - who fancies going? :) If you do, drop a mail to (Christian won't be around for a couple of days so may not get back to you immediately) and if you'd let me know too that would be good!

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Ravi Patel [ Microsoft MVP & MCP - ASP.Net - India] said:

hi Phil,

I am from India. Currently I am in Chester and have came for official work for my company. I have been MVP since three years in India. I will be in Chester for the next 6 months. I would like to know more about .Net Usergroup here in Manchester. I would like to attend the meetings of this usergroup.



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