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September 2005 - Posts

MVP Summit 2005 Pictures

Here are my summit Photo's


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MVP Summit & ASP Insiders Summit

Busy week coming up, tomorrow I fly out from Heathrow to Seattle with this bunch of reprobates (all MVP's): -

  • Andy Pope
  • Dave Sussman
  • Jack Hoxley
  • James Downes
  • Joe Fawcett
  • John Timney
  • Jon Skeet
  • Neil Hobson
  • Neil Pike
  • Ron Symonds
  • Steve Bullen

Lord help us....

Will try and get as many pictures up onto a Flickr Set as soon as possible.

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Tea - Powered by Orcsweb

I've not had a hosting rant for a while, so here's a quick one.

Orcsweb Rock - they run so many high traffic sites and have massive clients, but they always have time to help out the little people.

Here's what I drink my tea out of: -

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As a man ....

It's my duty to be ill properly.

I have a cold, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, death.

Women don't seem to understand that when men have a cold, the universe should play second fiddle, we can't cope alone, we need constant supervision and a never ending flow of drinks, butties and assorted freshly baked cakes.

This has been a public serivce announcement on behalf of men with colds everywhere.

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Google start detecting IE7

Are you checking for IE 7 yet?

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Reporting Services ReportingService log files fill up the drive after Patches installed.

Reporting Services 2000 on Windows Server 2003

These patches were recently installed on a Win2K3 machine we have, hosting the Reporting Services service, the service went bananas and got stuck in an endless loop logging DBCleanup entries.


Reboot the server to cure this problem, restarting the ReportingService service does not help.

Also you can just disable logging (but the service is still running a constant cleanup) by changing the setting for the DefaultTraceSwitch: -



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