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October 2005 - Posts

Download UK Code Camp (DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper) Talks - Free Technical Videos

Grab them here, let us know what you think, either by leaving comments here or getting in touch directly.

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Launched a new release of - over 80,000 used vehicles

Check it out here: -

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UK Launch Events Coming Soon

I'll be staffing both London on the 14th and Harrogate on the 22nd of November.

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DDD Photos


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DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper II

We had a great day and everything was cool, over 300 people came to the second ever UK code camp.

Here are my photo's of the event.



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Games Shadow - One app to manage all your PC Games

This looks like a really cool application, manages all of your patching, mods, drivers etc.


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Ajax and usability.

We all know the drill, fill in the boxes and click the button, the page posts up to the server, we watch the progress bar and we wait for 4mb of viewstate to come back down, ticking away to it's self.


What's my page doing now? I've clicked the button ... there's no status bar, no progress showing, nothing to let me know where my request is at (has it finished posting? am I waiting for the response? has it crashed? did the button click even get picked up?).

So, what's needed to fix this?

Well, for start, a progress bar that people could use would be a great help. Flash designers and developers have used these for years. Please, Ajax developer, use progress bars - not just some animated gif which loops, because that would be irritating.

Or how about this ...

We've filled a long form in, pressed the button and we're now waiting for the response, except, wait, what's this? I've spotted a mistake! I'll press "Stop", that stops things for me ... or does it? Not in Ajax.

Back, Refresh, Go ... all are gone, users normal methods of doing things are broken.

Seriously guys, you need to think about existing customers and the millions of web users that know how to use current applications when designing new applications.

One thing I'd really say is a bad idea is mixing Ajax code with no Ajax code on the same page.

What do you guys think?



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Where is the Web Going? Web 2.0


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Partial Classes

Nice article here on Partial Classes.


O2 XDA Exec

I get my new phone tomorrow.

Looks pretty slick: -

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