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November 2006 - Posts

Community, Microsoft, ASP.NET and NDA Content

Tomorrow (Friday) I'm at Microsoft's UK offices for a "community leaders day" where all the user group leaders, online community leaders and support oganisations come together to discuss what is happening in the community and what Microsoft can do to help us more.

Then on Saturday, it's time to pack my cases and head over to Redmond to see what the ASP.NET team have been toiling away on.

The ASP Insiders are meeting up and I'll get to see some of the characters from around the ASP.NET world at the event.

Really looking forward to meeting up with everyone again - if there's any non NDA material it will be shared as soon as we get a moment...

Should be a fun week.

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Vista RTM is on MSDN

500 KB/sec at the moment, so if everyone would hold off downloading for about an hour it would be greatly appreciated.


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Who broke the build?!

It is time the law was put into writing.

Someone broke the build...

Feel free to download a large sized copy and print it out for your office.

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Office 2007 is on MSDN

Happy fishing!

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Save hours each day - TD.NET

Until quite recently, my TD.NET usage had been quite conservative, I'd used it to run tests but had ignored all the surrounding features (why confuse things?).

The past few days I've gotten into using some of the more funky features TD.NET bundles with it's package such as the "Test with Coverage" and "Test with Debugger" options (which rock!).

If you're anything like me 90% of your work load is actually middle tier, converting database values into objects and visa versa, what better usage for a testing framework than to check if your middle tier is working as expected? You don't even need to write a UI to test the code is all working as expected meaning you don't have to rewrite the UI every time you change the business logic (cool beans!).

I suppose what I wanted to really say in this post is that if you're not using TD.NET or unit testing, give it a go, not to get into testing, but to get away from having to write and maintain UI's to "test" if your code works. With that, I'd be happy to bet I could rewrite most of my applications and the core of their code without any user interface what so ever - I'm that confidant with TD.NET and it's feature set.

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Will Zune Zoom or Chug?

Enders Analysis have done some research and are predicting that Zune will not even shift a million units in the Christmas quarter.

They state the unit will not be a competitor for iPod market share, the online marketplace is poor in comparison to the iTunes store and the Zune is of "little interest" to the markets!


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The European Union

An American friend of mine was chatting to me last night about the EU and I was reminded of a discussion between Sir Humphrey and The Minister from 'Yes Minister'.

Sir Humphrey: Europe is a game played for national interests. Why do you suppose we [The UK] went into it?

The Minister: To strengthen the brotherhood of free western nations!

Sir Humphrey: We went in to screw the French by splitting them off from the Germans.

The Minister: Well why did the French go into it then?

Sir Humphrey: To protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition.

The Minister: That certainly doesn't apply to the Germans!

Sir Humphrey: No they went in to cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race.

Ahhh 70's political correctness.

I hope TechEd Europe is going well and am enjoying reading the blog posts.

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper *Nearly* full now!

We only have a handful of spaces left for the December 2nd DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event.

If you want to go, you need to register NOW!



Red Gate - SQL Doc

Crikey - they've done it again!

Red Gate have *yet again* released another stunningly simple product jam packed full of features!

Download it and have a play!

Mix07 Announced

Just say a post on Mike Taulty's blog about Mix07.

April 30th - May 2nd.

I'm hoping to attend this year.

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