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April 2007 - Posts

MIX07 - Silverlight

So, we have full .NET support on the client on both windows and the Mac.

We have Ruby support on .NET in the form of IronRuby.

We have some very cool workflows with Expression moving through into the VS.NET Orcas tools.

Basically it's great :D

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MIX07 - Woo it's off

We're just starting here! Ray has just walked onto stage.

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MIX07 - Just about to begin

I'm sitting at the back of the keynote hall waiting for the speakers to turn up - there's a mad SKA stylee band on stage....

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Arrived at MIX

Well I'm sitting in my hotel at 5:15am (local time) glancing out of the window at the view, with a pot of coffee brewing and wondering what the hell I am supposed to do at 5am! (silly timezones).

Today is a down day, the only thing which is on today is registration for the conference and that doesn't start until late afternoon.

I know Mike Ormond is wondering what to do whilst he's here, personally, I'm thinking beer and blatent geekery.

If anyone is around in Vegas this week and want's to catch up you can get hold of me a couple of ways: -

Tel: +44 7753 747 991 (International Number)




I'll try and keep you updated... :D

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Telerik ahead of the game with Silverlight Controls

It was only a matter of time, and it doesn't suprise me Telerik have done it :-)


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Hacking AJAX Sites - How secure are you?

Mike Ormond of Microsoft UK has written an interesting piece (with pictures!) all about AJAX security and the ways in which is can be hacked.

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The Zimmers

These guys and gals *rock*.

A guide for Mr Thompson

There's a chap who regularly writes 'technical' pieces which appear on the BBC's site.

I'm not too keen on Bill's writing, so I put this small site together: -



Ibis Hotels - BAD Security

I stayed at the Reading Ibis some weeks ago and snapped this message from the TV.

Ibis Hotel Internet

The sheer incompetence of the last message on the screen horrified me, so I took this photo.

"For Windows 98 or NT users, simply select 'OK' for any screen you get when connecting"

What utter crap, "Are you sure you wish to format C:\?      OK             CANCEL"


Get Bill a Barber

Just watching a video of Bill Gates speaking at the MVP summit last month, that man seriously need a hair cut!


We should start a fund to pay for Bill's hair cuts.

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