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MIX:UK '07 - Registration Closed - Event Full - You were too late!


We're full, nothing to see here, move along please.....


Apart from the COOL backnetwork here where you can watch what's happening at the event: -






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MIX:UK '07 - Damn Socialists (TUBE STRIKE)


Well, looks like getting around London whilst MIX is happening will be a pain.

The Tube strike is going ahead according to the BBC


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MIX:UK '07 Silverlight Agenda

Chris has put together a cool agenda here: -


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SQL Bits - DDD eye for the SQL Guy

Saturday Oct 6th sees the first SQL Community conference (SQLBits -, 20 sessions in 4 tracks (Business Intelligence, DBA, Development and Katmai) on a Saturday in Reading, UK, completly free of charge.

Full registration is now open, places are going fast, there is only room for 350 people.

You need to register on the site and then select the 10 sessions ( you would most like to see. They will use this voting to help decide which sessions are to be run. They have over 36 sessions crossing the full SQL Server spectrum and only 20 slots.

Once you have selected and saved your selection you will be given the conference registration URL.

To register for SQLBits use the following URL

Sounds like it will be a fantastic event and it's from one of the guys that brought DDD to the UK, so it's going to be really community focused! :D




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MIX:UK '07 - Punish the experts

Got a chilling question you'd like to ask our panel of speakers and experts but would rather not do it in person?

We want to ask your questions at MIX:UK 07. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grill some of the brightest minds working in the web development sector anonymously and watch them squirm.


The panel will be made up of experienced authors, developers, evangelists, designers and leading Microsoft figures.


You can submit your questions here: -



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MIX:UK '07 - Got 5 minutes to spare? Get involved.

Micro-presentations are inspired by the runaway success of Pecha Kucha - the "20 slides/20 seconds each" presentation format created in Japan a few years ago.

It's an incredibly exhilarating, creative experience for both presenters and the audience. Presentations are auto-timed; presenters are up against their own wits and skill to talk for 20 seconds before before their slide automatically moves to displaying the next!

Want to share an idea, perhaps show off something cool you've done or are working on, maybe you just want to show off?

We want you to present at MIX:UK 07. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to some of the brightest minds working in the web development and design sectors.

You can register your Micropresentation here: -


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Calling all CSS Designers & Developers in the North West of England for CSSHackNight


On Friday 28th September 2007 and Saturday 29th September 2007 something good is coming to Manchester.

You know of CSS Zen Garden right? Well, what if there were a way to use your CSS hackery skills to help others and get a load of Kudos in the process?

Andrew Disley has put together an event called the CSSHackNight which will pit teams of designers against one another to produce the most visually stunning site possible in the space of 15 hours.

It's not just any site that is being designed though, this is a site for a good cause, the Sheung Lok ("Forever Happy") Internet Cafe in South Manchester. The winner of the competition will have their design forever immortalized in the design of the site for Sheung Lok.

The event is aimed at designers and developers who can use CSS to change the design of a web site without modifying the source HTML. This event is open to absolutely everyone though, you don't need to be a designer or developer by trade to take part, sometimes it's the most well thought out design which is the best, not the prettiest.

Some reasons you should attend: -

  • There will be a bunch of other interesting people working in the same field as you there.
  • There will be beer and pizza.
  • You will learn new techniques and skills from the other competitors.
  • There will be beer and pizza.
  • It's in Manchester, and if you're not familiar with the city, you should certainly come along!
  • There will be beer and pizza.
  • It'll be great fun.
  • There will be beer and pizza.
  • You're helping a good cause and raising the profile of the design community.
  • There will be beer and pizza.

The event takes place in Manchester in the North West of England on Friday 28th September 2007, the venue is kindly provided by the Code Computerlove (Code Computerlove, Jutland House, 15 Jutland Street, Manchester, M1 2BE) and is just a few minutes walk from Picaddilly Train / Tram and Bus stations.

Head over to the CSS Hack Night site now and register.





Microsoft Expression Media Encoder - Live Video Support

Another cool feature which is on it's way is Live source support for Media Encoder.

It's a real shame that the current build doesn't have it built in, but there is a cool demo of it in this video and here's a screenshot to help wet your appetite.


Hopefully we'll get more cool things like this announced/shown off at MIX UK in a couple of weeks.


Silverlight isWindowless (Transparent background of the canvas)

I made this mistake earlier so wanted to share my problem and solution with you.

Watching a Video of a session from MIX '07 that Mike Harsh presented and he walks through creating a transparent canvas, except copying his code just didn't work: -




What I needed to do rather was this (note one's a string and the other is an embedded boolean - dunno why, but that seemed to have sorted it): -





We've got MIX UK coming up in a couple of weeks, should be lots of cool Silverlight stuff shown off there :)


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Getting Silverlight to play a live stream with MMS

This is information I've gleaned from the Silverlight forums ( and is being posted without much experimentation - rather I'm just posting what worked for me.


If you have an mms url such as mms:// and you type that address into Windows Media Player it will work fine, everything is good.

If you try and use the same URL in a Silverlight MediaElement it just doesn't work.

You need to specify the port on which the Windows Server Media Services is using for the HTTP Control Protocol as so: -



For reference you can find (or set) the port number in IIS, shown here: -



Tip: Silverlight does not currently (25/08/2007) support Serverside play lists, so if you're using them, that's why it's not working.

Another thing you may run into, and I won't pretend I fully understand this yet, is something called Protocol Rollover. This is discussed in a little more depth detailing how Silverlight supports http but not mms or rtsp directly.


This post applies and was tested using experiences with the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha.


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