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Woo - MIX UK Sessions are up - videos





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Ooh ...



I'll let you know how I get on.

Portfolio Europe - Christmas Party


It's that time of year again when Christmas Parties happen.


Here's the Portfolio Europe Christmas party from a few years back.

Why won't NavigationService.Navigate() shut up?


Just doing a little WPF work and have been using the NavigationService.Navigate() method to move between pages within my application.

Every time it's called, the "Start Navigation" noise (sound / wav) plays, which is really frustrating.

The only way I've found of preventing it so far is by changing the windows global setting for navigation, there must be a simpler way though?



MVP - again

nuff said.

Tefal QuickCup - Not for me.

So, this product looks FAB, the geek in me wants one, the tea drinker in me refuses to even associate with one.


  • Up to 65% saving on energy consumption (over a normal kettle)
  • Hot water in 3 seconds


But... hidden away in the manual we have this message: -


Note: This appliance does not produce boiling water. Therefore please check any food or beverage instructions
before using this appliance for such things as baby food and drinks.


Those of you who don't drink tea might not realise that to have a good cup of tea you need to pour boiling (not boiled or tepid) water into the tea.

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