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March 2008 - Posts

Case sensitive usernames?

Tonight I tried to login to my airline account ( only to discover my username no longer seemed to be there.... or so I thought.

I was typing in philwinstanley, turns out, it's actually PhilWinstanley.



Conversations you don't expect to have with your Mother. #234


Me: "How's your laptop now after I put Vista on for you?"

Mother: "Well, I tried to virtualise Windows XP on top of it using that Virtual PC thingy but it didn't work right, I couldn't get the Shared drives working so I deleted it and am just on Vista now."


Anyone want to swap a completely mad Mother who understand Virtualization and Ubuntu for a vaguely normal one who knits jumpers and waters plants?

Wanted - WPF Developer/Designer (Remote or Local)

A client of mine is in urgent need for a WPF developer/designer.

We're not afraid to work with people in other countries but you must have a great English skills (native speaker) and be hot with WPF, design skills would put you well ahead of the field.

Based in the North West of England my client is a startup which has won a major piece of business from a big blue chip client.

If you might be interested in some work for a major development with some big brand names you can place onto your Résumé then please do get in touch. this is a revolutionary product which we believe will change the way business' use their web sites; in fact, the product we're building is so cool it thinks rounded corners are cliché

Drop me an e-mail to: or call me on +44 7753 747 991 (Remember, I'm in the UK - so don't call me when I should be asleep!) if you're interested (more information will be provided during discussions).






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Microsoft UK Launch Event in Birmingham

Wednesday March 19th 2008 is of course the UK 2008 Launch Event. 

You can help be part of this 'great' occasion by going to and answering eight short questions. 

Your answers will go towards making up the choices which the teams have to guess during a "swaggily fortunes" gameshow.

So go on, fill in the quiz!



Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Project

Just a quick post to say it looks like the WDP for VS.NET 2008 was shipped this week whilst I was  at MIX, go grab it here: -



Web Site - Closed Sundays

Utterly nuts, a database lookup which only works during the week.

This is a service here in the UK which allows you to look up the details of registered companies: -


Companies House


The fact they even bother to mention that they're interested in feedback around it's availiability is surely message enough it should be 24/7!

MIX 08 Predictions...

MIX is fast approaching and I'll be there next week - say *Hello* if you see me! :)

Here are some things I hope we'll see next week: -


  • Release of a preview of Silverlight 2.0
  • Release of another preview of the ASP.NET MVC Framework
  • Next Generation Expression Suite
  • Release of another preview of ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions/Futures/Whatever it's called now
  • Release of IronRuby
  • Will the famed Microsoft Codename Spang make it's debut in public?


What do you think Microsoft might announce?




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