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ASP.NET, Windows Forms and JavaScript Exception and Error Handling - Exceptioneer
Exceptioneer is a hosted system designed for .NET folks to help identify, manage and resolve unhandled exceptions. When an Exception occurs within an Application, that exception and a range of platform specific details are transmitted securely to the...
Microsoft .NET 3.x new namespaces
It's been rumoured that there will be a new namespace included in the next release of .NET to be announced at TechEd this week. The new namespace contains classes and methods which help with the transactional issues we run into on a day to day basis within...
Posted: Jun 04 2007, 04:39 PM by Plip | with 7 comment(s)
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Save hours each day - TD.NET
Until quite recently, my TD.NET usage had been quite conservative, I'd used it to run tests but had ignored all the surrounding features (why confuse things?). The past few days I've gotten into using some of the more funky features TD.NET bundles...
Posted: Nov 12 2006, 11:03 AM by Plip | with no comments
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Windows Workflow - I want to use it *now*
I'm an avid reader of Mike Taulty's blog , and even though I don't understand a lot of what he's talking about I really enjoy reading it. Mike's recently been blogging extensivly about Workflow and I really want to use it in Production...
Posted: Aug 05 2006, 10:13 AM by Plip | with 3 comment(s)
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Image.FromFile("...") and System.OutOfMemoryException
I was getting the following exception when processing a folder full of images: - Type: System.OutOfMemoryException Message: Out of memory. Source: System.Drawing TargetSite:System.Drawing.Image FromFile(System.String, Boolean) HelpLink:null StackTrace...
ASP.NET and ADO.NET best practices
Spotted this post on ASP.NET and ADO.NET best practices , it's not an exhaustive list, but there is some good advice there.
SQL Server Reporting Services - IFRAME Target Links
I have been creating a set of reports in SQL Server Reporting services today, they all needed to be linked together though in the form of "drill down" reports. The application I was embedding the reports into is a complicated ASP.NET wrapper for SQL Server...
Posted: May 21 2006, 09:05 PM by Plip | with 2 comment(s)
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Expression Web Designer (EWD) - The Box Model
You can now visulise the box model.
Posted: May 16 2006, 09:29 AM by Plip | with 4 comment(s)
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Expression CTP - Look what I picked up today
Oooh, shiny Web Designer. Apparently it will go public very soon ...?
VB.NET vs C#? Is there even an argument?
First, let me start off saying where my loyalty lies, I'm a C# guy. I've recently been doing a great deal of work in VB.NET and I wanted to share with you what my thoughts are. C# and VB.NET are identical in form and function. They can both be used to...
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