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Save hours each day - TD.NET
Until quite recently, my TD.NET usage had been quite conservative, I'd used it to run tests but had ignored all the surrounding features (why confuse things?). The past few days I've gotten into using some of the more funky features TD.NET bundles...
Posted: Nov 12 2006, 11:03 AM by Plip | with no comments
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Red Gate - SQL Doc
Crikey - they've done it again! Red Gate have *yet again* released another stunningly simple product jam packed full of features! Download it and have a play!
The future of ADO.NET
Mike Taulty found a really interesting piece on The future of ADO.NET buried on MSDN.
Posted: Jul 27 2006, 10:46 PM by Plip | with no comments
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ASP.NET and ADO.NET best practices
Spotted this post on ASP.NET and ADO.NET best practices , it's not an exhaustive list, but there is some good advice there.
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