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The European Union
An American friend of mine was chatting to me last night about the EU and I was reminded of a discussion between Sir Humphrey and The Minister from 'Yes Minister'. Sir Humphrey: Europe is a game played for national interests. Why do you suppose we [The...
An Englishman wakes up in Belgium
Well, day two begins, last night after writing my last post I realised what the "missing item" for this trip abroad is - toothpaste. So at 06:30 I went for a walk around the local area to try and find a pharmacy (which I found), but no where in antwerp...
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An Englishman in Belgium
I’m in Antwerp , which apparently means “Throw Hand” in Dutch and I was shown a very nice statue/fountain outside the Town hall of Antwerp which has a chap (I believe) on top, that is throwing a Giants Hand into the river. At the time of writing this...
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