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Phil Winstanley - British .NET chap based in Lancashire. Enjoys tea and tech. Working for Microsoft.

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Them and us
As much as we try and create inclusive societies throughout the globe time and time again we revert to our tribal and clan origins back in the distant past, be those line split across the obvious like  Nationality, Religion or even the Football teams...
Bye bye MVP Status. 2011 and beyond
Back in 2005, spurred on by the examples of independent, strong, smart people within this community I decided to break the shackles of permanent employment and hit out on my own. This saw me building what’s proved to be a very successful career and business...
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Dublin - October 9th 2010
The magic of the Emerald Isle was made a little more magical on Saturday 9th October 2010 with the wonder of a very special event, the third DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper that we've held on the island. Previously they've been held in Galway on the west...
Windows Phone 7 Day – DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper – Manchester – October 7th 2010
A glorious sunny day in Manchester on the seventh of October 2010 we had eight sessions all to celebrate and help support the developer community all around Windows Phone 7. The event was held in the ODEON cinema in the Printworks in Manchester which...
Posted: Oct 10 2010, 10:41 PM by Plip | with 4 comment(s)
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DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Scotland 2010 - DDDSCOT
DDD in Scotland was held on the 8th May 2010 in Glasgow and I was there, not as is uaual at these kind of things as an organiser but actually as a speaker and delegate. The weekend started for me back on Thursday with the arrival of Dave Sussman to my...
Posted: May 10 2010, 08:21 AM by Plip | with 1 comment(s)
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ASP.NET, Windows Forms and JavaScript Exception and Error Handling - Exceptioneer
Exceptioneer is a hosted system designed for .NET folks to help identify, manage and resolve unhandled exceptions. When an Exception occurs within an Application, that exception and a range of platform specific details are transmitted securely to the...
Find me at MIX09 and win a prize!
You may or may not be aware but my company is working on a TOP SECRET PROJECT at the moment. The project is specifically for .NET developers and will be infinately useful! There's nothing like it out there today and you could be one of the first few people...
Posted: Mar 16 2009, 01:07 AM by Plip | with no comments
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Preparing for MIX09
In a little over 48 hours I'll be arriving in Las Vegas and hooking up with all the other web types for MIX09. While this is the third MIX event I've attended (I missed out on the first one) it's certainly the one I'm most excited to attend. So to help...
Posted: Mar 16 2009, 01:06 AM by Plip | with 5 comment(s)
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Well, the time has come, we've opened registration for MIX UK Cheers, Phil.
Posted: Jul 25 2007, 03:11 PM by Plip | with no comments
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RSS - the joys and the pains!
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has become pervasive over the past couple of years, like chickenpox in Kindergarten the RSS logo is appearing on site after site, page after page, blog after blog. A pandemic of RSS has swept the Internet and it shows no...
Posted: Jun 07 2007, 11:31 PM by Plip | with 2 comment(s)
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