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Bye bye MVP Status. 2011 and beyond
Back in 2005, spurred on by the examples of independent, strong, smart people within this community I decided to break the shackles of permanent employment and hit out on my own. This saw me building what’s proved to be a very successful career and business...
DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Dublin - October 9th 2010
The magic of the Emerald Isle was made a little more magical on Saturday 9th October 2010 with the wonder of a very special event, the third DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper that we've held on the island. Previously they've been held in Galway on the west...
WebDD Agenda
It had to happen, we finally got it done! :-) Dave has been working on the site and has put together the agenda page for WebDD . Cheers, Phil.
WebDD needs you - Filming and Photography
We've had a set back which means we can't film the sessions using the Microsoft equipment on the day so we are wondering if a couple of people would kindly volunteer to film the sessions for us. They would need to provide their on camera equipment but...
WebDD Registration - Full
Did you forget to register for WebDD? Have you left it too late? Well tough titty, because it's full now :-) We've not only hit capacity but we've oversubscribed slightly to allow for drop out (people always find reasons not to show up on the day, especially...
WebDD Hotels
A few people wil be travelling and staying over for the WebDD event. I thought it would be prudent to share the hotels we're in (and where the drinking will be ;-) ). A bunch of us are staying in the Novotel: -
How should we say 'WebDD'?
Well, we don't know, we've been saying "Web Dee Dee", but it could equally be "Webbed" or even "Web Double Dee". What do you think? How should we pronounce the name?
WebDD is not being organized by Microsoft
Contrary to what certain podcasts are saying WebDD is not being organized by Microsoft, rather it's Dave Sussman and I doing the lot. Microsoft have kindly donated the space and events management staff for the day but they've had no say in the speakers...
WebDD Nearly at capacity
We were told earlier that the WebDD registration is nearly full, we only have a handful of spaces left, so if you want to come to the WebDD event you need to register now !
WebDD Geek Dinner
There will be a geek dinner after the WebDD event the details and how to register for the dinner are on the WebDD Wiki .
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