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SQL Server team - Are you smoking crack?
Okay, so rule number one of user interface design is consistency - make sure people don't have to learn new things too often and be sure to use the same design (bad or otherwise) everywhere. So why in gods name did the SQL Server team feel the need to...
Red Gate - SQL Doc
Crikey - they've done it again! Red Gate have *yet again* released another stunningly simple product jam packed full of features! Download it and have a play!
SQL Server 2005 Backups
This post is more for my memory than anything else but ... I've had issues restoring a SQL 2005 database from a backup today using the SQL Workbench with the following error message: - The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing...
Migrations - they're lovely
We're not talking about swallows (African, European or otherwise) but Database Migrations that ship with Ruby on Rails. There's a cool bit of functionality which lets you stores database schema and incrimental changes in code files as well as a framework...
SQL Refactor from Red Gate - FANTASTIC!
Well, Red Gate have done it again , they've come up with another fantastic product ! This time they've addressed and area which has been ignored for a *long time* with a tool which will help you refactor that *horrible* SQL code you crank out...
Some SQL Server DBA's are odd ...
I recently blogged about a small but frustrating bug in SQL Server relating to creating new columns of type varchar . Douglas Reilly linked to my blog posting about the bug , and it consequently got picked up and placed at the top of the Dr. Dobb's...
SQL Server 2005 doesn't like numbers less than 50
I've been creating a database for a client and it requires the creation of some fields which are of type varchar(10). Nothing weird there I'm sure you'll agree. In creating these tables I'm using SQL Server Management Studio and I've...
The future of ADO.NET
Mike Taulty found a really interesting piece on The future of ADO.NET buried on MSDN.
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ASP.NET and ADO.NET best practices
Spotted this post on ASP.NET and ADO.NET best practices , it's not an exhaustive list, but there is some good advice there.
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