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Ibis Hotels - BAD Security
I stayed at the Reading Ibis some weeks ago and snapped this message from the TV. The sheer incompetence of the last message on the screen horrified me, so I took this photo. "For Windows 98 or NT users, simply select 'OK' for any screen you get when...
Cross site scripting - LOVEFiLM
It still worries me that so many sites are still vulnerable to cross site scripting attacks! I use an online DVD rental service and today I needed to go and discover my password, only to be presented with a screen which took querstring values and directly...
My bank is buying me Antivirus software!
Barlcays, the bank I've used for over a decade have decided to protect their customers interests in a very serious way, they're giving everyone who uses their online service free antvirus software - how cool is that???
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