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October 2007 - Posts

F# anybody???

The latest language to join the .Net family is F# after C#. Wonder what happened to D & E :-)

Check out the details here.

Sudoku solver in LINQ

I'm sure many of us are addicted to the new game Sudoku. Here's a program which uses the new Microsoft LINQ technology to solve Sudoku puzzles.

Check it out!

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The case for AJAX

Sure, AJAX is the latest and greatest technology and extremely cool! But should you really convert all your existing applications to AJAX.

This whitepaper gives some pointers on making this big decision.

Ajax - the next level of ASP.NET

Nowadays everybody's talking AJAX and it's the coolest technology to get into.

If you haven't explored this exciting technology yet, here's a cool learning guide. It has tons of resources for everybody from beginner to expert!

Check it out. Happy AJAXing!,295582,sid26_gci1150185,00.html?track=NL-110

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