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January 2008 - Posts

Which version of VS2008 is right for you?

Find out which version of VS2008 is right for you with this handy comparison chart hot off the press!!!

.Net framework source code unmasked!!!

You can now peek into the dark secrets of Microsoft .NET. Go now!!!

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Learn LINQ

Learn LINQ with these cool videos

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Dream in Code!!!

Visit for answers to all your programming questions.

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VB2008 intellisense is more intelligent!

VB2008 intellisense filters data as you type not just by first letter.

Check out this cool feature which programmers have always wanted.

Tafiti - a cool Silverlight search engine!!!

Tafiti is a cool search engine written in Silverlight. It features amazing graphics and drag and drop functionality. There is even a cool spinning treeview for the results.

Check out


Codemash - the ultimate code mecca!!!

Come to Codemash, Jan 10-11, 2008 at the beautiful Kalahari Resort waterpark in Sandusky Ohio. It's a unique conference for ALL coders - .Net, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, you name it!!!

Languages may be different but we all write code to perform really cool stuff!!!

Check it out at


Beijing Olympics coverage to be powered by Silverlight.

Check out all the happenings at the Beijing Olympics powered by Microsoft Silverlight technology!


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