Soap with attatchments change in WSE 2!

Rebecca Dias let us know of a change to WSE2 based on PDC feedback:

We have already taken one action in WSE v2.0 as a result of the feedback from the PDC.  Attachments will be abstracted away so that migration to MTOM will be more seemless.

This makes me very happy in two ways:

  1. Despite letting us know that adopters of WSE are on the “Bleeding edge”, and should expect more work when migrating from one version / messaging technology to the next, they're still making it easy on us. Attachments are one of those things that we want now, and WSE is for people that aren't afraid to pay later for doing it now. Thanks for making us pay less.  Ahh, SWA & DIME, I hardly knew ye.
  2. She cares! she really cares!  -- I mean, of course, that Microsoft cares.  One of the biggest lessons I came away with from the PDC was that I am Microsoft's customer, and I'm important to them.  Too often, people think of MS as the “evil monopoly” that simply churns out standards-breaking software, and those of us that use that software have to sit back and watch for whats coming next.  Not so.  Microsoft knows that by listening to me (yes, me and others like me) they are better able to a) build better software, and b) keep making money by being the platform/tool vendor of my choice.

One other thing the PDC helped me with - I stopped thinking of Microsoft as “that software company”, and started thinking of Microsoft “that company where lots of people work to make software”.  Perhaps a subtle disctintion to most of you, but to me the personalization made a huge difference in my mindset about why they make some of the decisions and products that they make.

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