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  • .NET Rocks! Guest speaker Carl Prothman

    This past week, Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth talk with noted ADO and ADO.NET guru Carl Prothman about ASP.NET, being an MVP, INETA, ADO.NET, ASP.NET Security, and Visual Studio.NET. 

    There were lots of callers during the show. This may be the best show we've ever done on ADO and ADO.NET issues. Carl Prothman also talked about how to prevent the most common types of ASP.NET attacks.


    .NET Rocks! Hosted by MSDN

    .NET Rocks!

    An Internet Audio Talk Show for .NET Developers

    Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth interview .NET experts and other industry movers and shakers, and answer your .NET questions on the air, all for the purpose of bringing you insights into .NET technology, the marketplace, and the state of software development in general.

    For more information or to submit questions for the next show, please check out the official .NET Rocks! home page.


  • ASP.NET Road Show Rocks!

    I attended the ASP.NET Road Show (ASP Exposed) by Scott Guthrie a few days ago.  Wow!  I had a great time! There were over 300 folks who showed up at the Microsoft conference center. And about 100 of those folks were from the .NET Developers Association

    Scott did a great job presenting some tips and tricks for ASP.NET, plus he did an in-depth demo of the ASP.NET Whidbey IDE / .NET 2.0 Framework.  I got to tell you, there is some really cool stuff coming out next near for ASP.NET!  I really like the Master Page concept. It rocks!  ;-)  

    If you haven't seen the ASP.NET Road Show yet, you should at least try to make it to one of the remaining ones! You won't be disappointed. 



  • .NET Developers Association - Monday, December 8, 2003 - ASP.NET Exposed

    General Meeting
    Location: Microsoft Conference Center (Building 33), Hood Room   Map
    Event Date: Monday, December 08, 2003
    5:30 PM
    Registration, Food & Drinks 

    Food and beverages brought to you by Microsoft.
    6:00 PM
    Spotlight Presentation
    Scott Guthrie
    Rob Howard 

    ASP.NET Exposed 
    by Scott Guthrie and Rob Howard, Microsoft

    This is your chance to learn from the creators of Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web development platform. Get the knowledge you need to start developing secure ASP.NET Web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET.

    Introduction to ASP.NET
    Learn how to develop the next generation of Web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET. This session covers the fundamental concepts and techniques that you need to start building an ASP.NET application.

    Tips and Tricks
    Ramp up your ASP.NET programming by learning the hottest tips and tricks straight from the experts that invented ASP.NET! See demonstrations of a variety of useful techniques and approaches that can be leveraged to help build powerful ASP.NET Web applications and Web services. This session will cover: debugging, tracing, event logging, performance counters, error handling, and Web form session state management. Don’t miss it!

    Building Secure ASP.NET Solutions
    Building secure applications is made easier with ASP.NET. However, there are still concepts to understand dealing with authentication and authorization as well as security concepts for managing secrets.

    Sneak Peak: ASP.NET "Whidbey"
    ASP.NET “Whidbey” and Visual Studio “Whidbey” are the next release of Microsoft’s Web platform and tools. With “Whidbey” you will be able to build powerful, scalable, and feature rich Web applications faster than ever before. Common and never-before possible scenarios become simple allowing developers to build the best Web experience. In this session we will take a look at what the next version of the Web platform and tools will deliver.

    9:15 PM
    After the Meeting

    Informal Gathering at Red Robin 
    After the meeting, everyone is welcome to gather at Red Robin in Redmond, near the Bellevue Fred Meyer and Redmond Sears on the corner of 148th and NE 24th. Click here for directions. 


  • PDC - Summary

    Well PDC has come and gone.  I had hope to blog each day on each keynote / session that I attended, but there were too many sessions and too little time...  ;-)   

    What I like about PDC:
    1) I really enjoyed the Keynote speakers  / sessions.  They did a great job on product announcements and had some very cool demos!  Plus I really enjoyed learning all the new techologies!  The future looks bright!   ;-)

    2) I really enjoyed meeting with my fellow MVPs, INETA speakers, and Microsoft friends.   It was good to finally meet “the person behind the name” (in MSN IM / Newsgroup posts)

    3) The conference transportation was excellent.  I always found a waiting bus to and from my hotel. The conference even provided buses to the LAX airport on the last day.

    4) I enjoyed helping out with “Ask the Experts”.  It was interesting to hear all the different kinds of questions folks had on their mind.  I help out in both the ASP.NET and ADO.NET tables.


    What I did NOT like about PDC:
    1) The conference was way too crowded.  Most of the top sessions were standing room only OUTSIDE in the hall way (for the monitor).  Because of this, the conference folks said they would put the top 10 session video on CD and mail it out to everyone a few weeks after the conference.

    2) I was disappointed that there were no sessions on CURRENT tools and technologies.  I was expecting to see some lessons learned, tips and tricks, etc.   But all of the sessions dealt with products which were still one to two years away.  Granted it's nice to know about these things, but many of us professional developers are still coding with current (and older) tools and technologies.  I guess I'm use to TechEd / VSLive conferences.

    3) The conference's wireless (and lan) network kept going out the first few days. Plus when it was up, it was very, very slow.  Granted they finally got it working the last couple of days of the conference.

    4) I was also a bit disappointed in  The main feed was being filtered so much that if you were not the first to post something about a session, your post did not make it through.   I guess I am used to

    Overall I'm glad I went to PDC. It was the first one I ever attended.  I got to see what new products Microsoft will be releasing in the next year or two.  And given the choice I would go again!   Thanks for all the hard work guys!


  • PDC - Day 1 (Monday)

    Well I finally made to PDC after spending 8 hours in the SEATAC airport.  I got into LA at 7 PM.   While the plane was about to land in LA, I could see the fires below.  Wow! My heart goes out to the folks who last their home - over 1500 now!

    So… day one at PDC.  I cannot believe how large PDC is this year!  It's seems like every professional developer in the world has come to see Microsoft latest tools and technology.  Some sessions were so popular, it was standing room only for the monitor in the hall way!

    I got a front row seat for Bill Gates keynote speech.  As always, his presentation / demos went off without a hitch.  I really enjoyed Jim Allchin's talk. 

    In one of the demos, Don Box and Chris Anderson had Jim write some code.  At one point, Jim opened the file that Don had been typing lots of code into and it was blank!  Luckily, Jim had open the wrong file.  Once he realized his mistake, he opened up the correct file and the code was there.  Both Don and Chris both let out a big sigh of release.  Very funny!   ;-)   

    Another funny point in the presentation was when Don was coding and a bug (moth?) flew out of the machine he was typing on. Don looks up at the moth flying away and says “look, there is the first Longhorn bug!”.  LOL!  (You had to be there to understand).

    Overall, I'm very impressed with Longhorn and all of the tools and technologies Microsoft will be rolling out in the next few months / years.  Longhorn's Avalon will allow us to build some really cool UI.  Plus it's WinFS storage system will allow us to organize and search very diverse information.   I'm looking forward to install the Longhorn preview.  ;-)


  • PDC or Bust!

    Hurray!  I'm on my way to PDC!  No wait, flight has been cancelled due a fire in LA. It's the hurry up and wait game.  Sigh...  An interesting note:  There were several Microsoft speakers (including a keynote speaker) on the same flight.  I think they were going to catch a plane to Denver, then transfer to Los Vegas, then drive to LA (a 5 hour drive).   I wish them the best of luck.  I'm going to wait it out here at SEATAC.


  • Viewing the Contents of a DataSet while in Debug Mode

    While in debug mode in Visual Studio .NET, do you ever get tired
    of typing in the following commands into the Intermediate window?


    Well there is an easier way to see the contents of a DataSet! 
    Try typing in the following: