Breaing People's Hearts

One of the best parts of my job as an MCT is when people come in with problems that have been tying them up for weeks (or even months), and you are able to get them a solution and make sure they understand why it works.  The worst part of being an MCT?  When a client comes in, tells you about some software they purchased for $300,000 and they can't figure out how to audit the updates as required by the government.  And you have to tell them that $300,000 piece of software that they purchased was written by idiots.

I simply can't believe there are people out there selling software for $300,000 a pop and it is logging on as sa with a password of admin (and they do their security “via the UI”).  And this consistently comes up in EVERY sql server course I teach.  I used one of these pieces of software, and tried to do a search that looked like this: “ASP.NET'  <---- notice the accidental use of a single quote.  The result?  It showed me how to do ANYTHING to their system in the error message (it printed out the SQL statement along with the connectionstring that failed along with the error message.  kthanx).

It seems like there should be some serious money to be made telling people to stop being so stupid.  It's kinda like the old Calvin and Hobbess cartoon where Calvin is selling a swift kick in the butt because everyone needs one. 

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