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January 2004 - Posts


    Found a pretty cool site called Mix Master.  It takes the layout from one site, the content from a second site and mixes them together.  The obvious thing to do is take infamous Microsoft whore and baby seal clubber Rory, and mix his site with Slashdot giving us


  • Latest Update to IE?

    Someone sent me this link today regarding the “latest security update to IE.” 

    I found it pretty funny:

  • The Creative Process

    I ran across a cool quote by William Goldman (he wrote the Princess Bride) in his book Which Lie Did I Tell?:

    "I don't understand the creative process. Actually, I make a concerted effort not to understand it. I don't know what it is or how it works but I am terrified that one green morning it will decide not to work anymore, so I have always given it as wide a bypass as possible"

    I think a tractor-trailer overturned on my creative bypass today.  Let's read some weblogs for inspiration.

  • Performance of Nine Languages Compared

    OSNews has an article comparing the performace of different languages to each other.  C# kills VB.NET in the IO category.  Why?   Take a look at the VB code vs C#.


    StreamWriter streamWriter = new StreamWriter(fileName);
    while (i++ < ioMax)


    FileOpen(1, fileName, Microsoft.VisualBasic.OpenMode.Output)
    Do While (i < ioMax)
         PrintLine(1, myString)
         i += 1
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