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  • Picking Color Schemes

    One thing I've always had trouble with web development is coming up with color schemes. To be honest, every design I've been happy with mostly involved spending some time with the color picker tool in photoshop. I can recognize good color schemes, and even tell you why they are pleasing to the eye. Needless to say when Dave Shea wrote up some stuff on color schemes, I was all about it. Tons of great tips and articles in the comments too.

  • Hardened PHP and, uh, adult oriented natured sites.

    I've used PHP for quite a while now, but dropped it like a bag of rocks once ASP.NET came out. I still like following the project though, so when I saw an article on something called Hardened PHP I jumped right into the comments to get a "pulse" on what's happening. Anyways, one of the top rated comments was about a guy running a high volume site that deals in boobie pics, written in PHP. Followed by quite a few comments from people doing similiar work in PHP.

  • Removing WinFS (at your own risk of course)

    I was a bit taken back by the memory consumed by the WinHEC build of Longhorn. It turns out WinFS is sucking up around 200mb of RAM. Well, as of right now I'm not planning on learning much about WinFS (nor do I have the resources in a VM to properly take advantage of it), so let's get rid of that sucker. To remove some components, I had to edit the C:\WINDOWS\INF\SYSOC.INF file (do so at your own risk, I'm just kinda winging it here in a VM, so I can easily start over). I had to remove the HIDE keyword from entries to be able to uncheck them in the Add/Remove Windows Components dialog. Once I did that I was able to go into add / remove items, and uncheck WinFS. 200mb of memory almost instantly reclaimed.

  • Longhorn 4074 on Virtual PC 2004. Good times.

    I just installed the WinHEC build of Longhorn in a Virtual PC, and everything is smoooooooooooooth. I actually left the computer, did some laundry, played some Splinter Cell, and came back to see if the thing had crashed remembering the ordeals of the PDC build with a VM. To my surprise, it was up and running. Granted, it was 640x480 w/ 16 colors, but a quick install of the Virtual Machine Addins took care of that. I really is running great on my machine. I should mention that I've been working on my machine tuning it for VMs so it probably runs better than a lot of people out there. Here's what I got:

  • Font Add-In for Reflector

    Feel free to ignore everything posted here. Reflector has a switch, /fontsize:14 that would do the samething. The moral of the story, as always, is that I'm an idiot. I'll leave this posted so people can point and laugh at me.