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  • An Alternate Approach to a GridView – Part 2

    After my last blog post on how to layout a different UI design instead of a normal tabular format, I had quite a few comments on how you would add sorting, paging and filtering and so on. That is one of the best parts about using the GridView control, you can still use all the normal sorting, paging and filtering that you would with a normal tabular GridView. If you take a look at Figure 1 you can see that I sorted the data using the SqlDataSource object, then applied paging and added a Search/Filtering mechanism. I also added a drop down list of field names so you can sort the grid using any field from the table you want. All of this was done and you will only have to add 1 line of code to perform the sorting!


  • An Alternate Approach to a GridView

    I have long had a problem with using grids to display data to the user. I have an even bigger problem with editing on a grid. A grid is easy to implement for a developer, and this is normally why developers use them. However, a grid is normally not the best interface for a user. Now, note that there are always exceptions, but these should be the exception and not the rule. There are many reasons why a grid is not suitable for user consumption.


  • PDSA, Inc. Releases Update to Fundamentals of ASP.NET Security eBook

    PDSA, Inc. has just published the update to the popular eBook on ASP.NET Security. Below is a synposis of the book.

    Fundamentals of ASP.NET Security

    Security should be something all developers think about from the very beginning of a new project. This book will teach ASP.NET developers how to deal with security in their web applications. After reading this book you will have learned useful techniques that will allow you to build a good solid security framework for your ASP.NET applications.

    You will learn the following techniques:

    • The basics of cryptography
    • Simplifying .NET cryptography
    • How and where to securely store connection strings
    • How to take advantage of the ASP.NET Membership System
    • How to use the ASP.NET Personalization System
    • The differences between forms-based and windows-based authentication
    • How to securely connect to SQL Server

    This book will give you a huge jumpstart on understanding the security model in ASP.NET. You will have tons of samples to which to refer. This will save you hours of time and wasted development.

    Join Paul D. Sheriff and James H. Byrd as they take you through how to best use the ASP.NET security model. Both authors have a gift for breaking down complex concepts into an easy-to-understand language.

    Purchase a printed version of this book at When you purchase the printed book, you also get the eBook and the samples.

    Or you can purchase the eBook only at

    PDSA, Inc.