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  • Creating Collections of Entity Objects using Reflection

    In my last blog posts I have been showing you how to create collection of entity objects using code that is custom for each table and object you create. Well, if you use a little reflection code you can shrink this code quite a bit. Yes, we all know that reflection is slow and probably should be avoided in most cases. What I have found out is that loading over 6200 product records into an entity collection still takes less than a second when using Reflection. So, I will leave it up to you to decide which way you wish to go.

  • XML Activator

    All too often I see people using switch/Select Case statements when using a Factory pattern. The problem with this is if you wish to add the ability to instantiate a new class in your Factory, you need to add a new “case” statement, re-compile the code and redeploy that DLL back out to your client machines, or your server(s). Another way to implement a Factory pattern is to use Reflection and Interfaces to dynamically create an instance of a class. This blog post will show you how to use an XML file, an Interface and the Assembly class to dynamically load a list of assemblies and classes to load into an application at runtime.