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Watch out for Daylight Savings Time this Sunday!!!

There are serious potential problems with the upcoming switch to Daylight Savings Time this Sunday. While MSFT is working on a fix, so far it is not perfect. Check out these entries.

The network company we work with, CSI (, has discovered the following:

1.) If a client [like Outlook, entourage, palm or windows mobile] gets the update first, there will be a 1 hour disparity. 

2.) If the workstation gets the update before the mobile device, it can hose and duplicate appointments!!!

3.) If the user changes his/her clock forward on Tuesday [instead of the system administrator changing the time on the server or applying the patches across all machines] that user will be locked out of Active Directory until someone logs on as a local administrator.  This particular scenario we can almost count on as most of our users are local administrators of their machines!

Hopefully MSFT will give us a fix before this Sunday.


Deborah Kurata's new book is out!

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that my good friend, Deborah Kurata, has just released the updated version to her popular book "Doing Objects in VB" for VS.NET 2005. Check it out if you get a chance!

Title: Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005
Author: Deborah Kurata
ISBN: 0321320492
More Info:


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