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Confused about which Data Access Technology to use?

Well, you are not alone. Even the experts do not agree on which data technology you should use. However, you will find a common theme among each of the panelists in this lively video: The Data Access Menu: Making Intelligent Choices. (

Panelists include Rocky Lhotka, Stephen Forte, Paul Sheriff, Jeffrey Palermo, Kent Alstadt and Richard Campbell. Watch as these heavy weights in the industry talk about the various Microsoft Data Access technologies and how you should best approach each one.

This video is only about 35 minutes long, and is a lot of fun to listen to. I sure had a great time doing this panel!



The Incredible Race Condition

OK all you folks at Tech Ed. Here is my special code for my "Race":

You can get more information about the "Race" at
Tech Ed Panel Now Viewable

Hello All,

Are you looking to strike out on your own and create your own software consulting business? If you have ever thought about doing so, you might want to check out this panel entitled: "Let's Talk About Software Consulting as a Business". This panel was presented at Tech Ed on May 11, 2009.  You can view this panel at:

In this panel are panelists, myself included, that have had many years of experience running a consulting business. You are sure to pick up some wisdom from those of us that have "been there". The topics covered are managing client expectations, fixed price versus time and material and lots of other great tips and tricks.

Hope you enjoy.


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