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Control to Control Binding in WPF/Silverlight
In the past if you had two controls that you needed to work together, you would have to write code. For example, if you want a label control to display any text a user typed into a text box you would write code to do that. If you want turn off a set of...
Synchronize Data between a Silverlight ListBox and a User Control
One of the great things about XAML is the powerful data-binding capabilities. If you load up a list box with a collection of objects, you can display detail data about each object without writing any C# or VB.NET code. Take a look at Figure 1 that shows...
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Create a Login Screen in Silverlight 3
After my last blog post on “Create a Login Window in WPF”, I had a lot of requests for how to create the same login screen in Silverlight 3. There are actually just a few changes that had to be made to get the same look in feel in Silverlight 3. Figure...
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