Learning the Team System unit tester

Ok, so now I dig around the web and find out I can create a test by right clicking on the constructor. Not bad - it created a test project and a class to test the constructor. I just need to set some values. So I set the unit test project as the start project - because I didn't know about the Test Manager yet - and away I go. The test results show that the test was aborted and I see the anti spyware thingy popping up about something tyring to write to a file.

I'm thinking to myself, "Could it be that no one at MS is running Anti-Spyware with VS?" Nah, and after a quick google I found this link. Ok, so now the world is in harmony and I got through my first unit test. I'm still a little disoriented but I'll get over it.

Next up is trying to read a user from the database. To be continued.


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