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  • Oops!

    Sorry, I forgot to include why I think blogs are awesome in my last post. I forget where, but I read that some people prefer the newsgroups to weblogs. I look at the newsgroups as a place to ask a targeted technical question. I can do that here on my weblog, but the weblogs also give all of us a chance to talk about things at random. So I get more bang for the buck here. 

  • Lesson learned and aren't blogs just awesome?

    OK, I'll admit it. I was slightly off base in my criticism of the Whidbey delay. I was just reading Lorenzo's blog about the Whidbey CTP and it got me thinking about this whole early insight thing. We are seeing something the likes of which I have never been privy to before at this magnitude : early bits and lots of early information. 

  • Job opening in Connnecticut

    Continuum Performance Systems is looking for a full time ASP.Net / C# programmer. You must have experience with .Net and be highly motivated to learn. HTML, javascript, css and xml are required.

  • My 2 cents on the Yukon-Whidbey delay

    Are you kidding me? For what possible reason could a database hold up the release of a development tool? Is Visual Studio dependent on Yukon to work? If it is we are all in trouble. My client uses Oracle so Yukon makes no difference to me at this time.

  • Getting some security religion

    We recently had a security consultant come in to give us some guidance. Since I am the developer, not the database or network engineer, I learned a few things but the one that really got me was the use of ports with Oracle instance setups. Hackers always look for the obvious, and usually that means default settings that never get changed.

  • Gearing up for web services

    We finally have a project that looks like a good candidate for web services. I have played around with some samples, but now I am looking for some meat. I have a basic understanding of what's going on but I am very concerned about security. I am aware that WSE is ready for release so I'll be looking into that.