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Write Your Own .NET RSS Feed in C#

A great article on writing your own RSS Feed component in C#. Even shows you how to set up a custom HTTP Handler for .rss files.
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One Week with RSSBandit

Last Monday I fired up SharpReader for the first time in close to five days. I was out of town the previous week and didn't have Internet access during the day. At night, I was either too tired or too busy to keep caught up on my feeds. During the lengthy update process, SharpReader locked up on me. I had to kill it with Task Manager. I started it up again and after a few minutes of updating, it was again locked up. I did this about two more times and it finally managed to complete the update process. I really don't know what was killing it -- the sheer volume of information to download? Perhaps. I was irked enough to download, install and try RSSBandit.

With about one week under by belt, I have to say I really like RSSBandit. The interface is clean and simple, very similar to SharpReader. I love the "Special" folders it has:

  • Unread Items -- A single place to list all unread items.
  • Items For Review -- You can flag news items for review/followup. This special folder lists only items you've flagged.

Alas, no software is perfect. RSSBandit seems to be a bit pickier about formatting of RSS/Atom. Feeds I've been subscribed to and downloading successfully for months with SharpReader occasionally get flagged has having an error in RSSBandit. The error links directly to feedvalidator.org allowing you to check the feed itself for errors. At times the feed is, indeed, in error. Maybe SharpReader just wasn't as picky and consumed the feed. However, many times feedvalidator.org gives me the all clear -- "Congratulations! This is valid RSS". So why did RSSBandit complain? Don't know.

Despite these issues, I don't see myself going back to SharpReader. RSSBandit is slick! And I haven't had a single lockup all week.

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CodeDom Article

The Vice President of our local .NET User Group, Josh Holmes has gotten an article published on the Fawcette Reports web site. The article compares the CodeDom to Reflection.Emit.
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.NET Developer Jump Start

A colleague just forwarded me an email he received about some free, online training sessions provided by Microsoft. They're supposed to be "a great way to get a sense of what .NET offers without making a commitment". Anyone reading this is probably well-versed in .NET, but others you know may be interested in this.
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Quick IL Reference

If you're a casual browser of IL via ILDASM and are curious about an opcode or two, check out the System.Reflection.Emit.OpCodes class for a quick summary of what each of the opcodes does.

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SharpReader & Threads

Anyone else have any instances where SharpReader's worker threads hang? Right now (and this happens at least once or twice a day) SharpReader is showing me "15+190" in the status bar (15 feeds busy updating with 190 still to go). And it's just sitting there. No updates are coming in. I've dropped the default number of threads to use down from 25 to try and correct the problem. I usually have to close SharpReader and re-open it and that fixes it

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Unit Testing and the GAC

Note to self: If you make changes to an assembly that is in the GAC, make sure you uninstall it from the GAC before running your unit tests. I was doing some refactoring and changed the signatures of a couple of methods. Recompiled and ran my nUnit unit tests and was getting a very odd "System.MissingMethodException". I was baffled until I recalled that the old version of this assembly was still in the GAC so that's what my unit tests were running.

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