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View History doesn't work in VSS 2005

I was doing some work with VSS 2005 this weekend and had a very wierd problem.  When I tried to view history for a file, nothing happened.  No errors, no prompts -- it just did nothing.  I tried this both from VS.NET 2005 as well as the VSS 2005 client.  Same thing.

So I did a little googling and found quite a few hits for this problem.  One of the solutions I found worked so I stuck with it.

  • Start up the VSS Admin utility.
  • Go to Tools, Options.
  • Click on the "Time Zone" tab and change your time zone to "<None specified>" (the first one in the list).

Bingo!  History now works.

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It arrived!

After 5 1/2 years, I have retired my Kyocera Palm SmartPhone.  Sitting on my desk in it's docking cradle is my new Samsung i730.  If you look closely at the screenshot, you'll see its running Windows Mobile 5.0.  The upgrade went flawlessly -- although I'm working with a brand new phone with no data on it and no additional 3rd party apps installed.

The upgrade is available directly from Verizon, so I assume they'll provide support for any issues you may have.  But like I said, mine went without a hitch (almost -- see below).

The updated of the ROM took about 7 - 8 minutes between transmitting the image and reflashing of the ROM.  After the flashing was complete the Verizon update utility told me the upgrade was a success and that the device would reset after performing some "reformat" operation.  I would have liked to have known that this "reformat" option can take a while.  After almost 2 minutes I was getting nervous, but it did indeed reboot and my i730 booted up running Windows Mobile 5.0.

The one "gotcha" I've experienced (and this is a common problem that doesn't seem to have a definitive remedy) is that sync'ing now requires some configuration of your firewall (if you're using one -- and you should be!).  I've tried all sorts of permutations and port openings to get my AVG Firewall to let ActiveSync work, but to no avail.  If I turn off the firewall, ActiveSync works just fine.  With the firewall on, ActiveSync just spins it's little green icon trying to connect and never returns.  Now I've been sync'ing my iPAQ on this machine for close to 4 years and never had to tweak anything.  Something changed once my machine installed drivers for the "new Windows Mobile device" it found after the i730 rebooted.

I've given full access to all of the ActiveSync apps (rapimgr.exe, wcescomm.exe and WCESMgr.exe).  Heck, I even threw in CEAPPMGR.EXE and dbexport.exe just for kicks.  No go.  I can't figure out which rule is stopping the connection.  For now, I can disable the firewall and sync, but this is not an optimal long-term solution.  I just need to mess around with it some more.  If anyone has any ideas, don't hesitate to drop me a comment.  From doing some research, a lot of people are having this problem.

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The wait begins...

Finally!  After 5 1/2 years with the same phone (yes 5 1/2 YEARS), I've finally found a phone with the features and price I want to replace my trusty Kyocera Palm SmartPhone.

I just got off the phone with Verizon.  My new Samsung i730 will be arriving Wednesday the 22nd.  I am so geeked!!  First thing I'm doing after I get it activated is upgrade it to Windows Mobile 5.0.  The phone comes with Pocket PC 2003 OS, but Verizon has a downloadable upgrade for Windows Mobile 5.0.  Let the flashing begin!

And one of the best parts was the cost -- free!!  Well, not exactly.  It's an early Christmas present from my wife.  Thanks sweetie!

So I've got a few days to prepare for it's arrival.  I'll need to make sure I've got the Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade, .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installer, perhaps a little SQL CE, Pocket PC apps for GeoCaching...  So much to do, so little time...

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Followup on String.IsNullOrEmpty

My post about the utility method IsNullOrEmpty elicited an important comment.  It seems there is a JIT optimization bug with this method that will bite you if you compile in release mode and run outside of the IDE.  Seems like it might be best to avoid this one and wait for the fix.  Thanks to Arjan Zuidhof for the comment!
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String.IsNullOrEmpty (.NET 2.0)

How many times have you written the following string validation code:

if (_name == null || _name.Length == 0)
    // ...

With .NET 2.0, you can use the static ("Shared" in Visual Basic.NET) utility method String.IsNullOrEmpty to do the same thing:

if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(_name))
    // ...
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