EDAMLibrary : Evernote Library for C#

I recently pushed a library onto bitbucket.  It’s used for integrating with the popular note-taking, cloud-syncing, capture application Evernote.  I started using Evernote in February of this year and I’m addicted to it now.  I scan and tag tons of information and have it easily available at all times.  My data is sync’d to the cloud and accessible via a Windows client, the web and various mobile platforms (Blackberry, iPhone, Android).

While Evernote provides an API for accessing the data, it has a few organization issues that need to be overcome before you can use it.  To make it easier for those just wanting to play around with Evernote, I combined everything provided by Evernote into a single library.

And remember, if you want to develop something that integrates with Evernote, you’ll have to request an API key.  It’s a pretty simple process that just takes a few minutes.

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