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  • Enterprise Manager Tip

    This is probably common knowledge, but I didn't know it -- copy (ctrl-C) an object in Sql Enterprise Manager and paste (ctrl-V) it into a text editor to get its script!

  • WilsonORMapper v3.2.0.0 Released

    Update: WilsonORMapper v3.2.0.0 (3/30/2005) includes the following:

      The following important new feature is why this is a major update:   
    • Added IsolatedContext Property to Create New Isolated ObjectSpace
    • Use IsolatedContext to Isolate all Tracking/Caching to that Instance
      Then there are these important bug-fixes as well that were rolled in:   
    • Fixed Delete with Lazy-Loaded Many-To-Many removing Related Objects
    • Fixed StartTracking clearing any pre-existing Relations on Objects

  • WilsonORMapper v3.1.0.2 Released

    Update: WilsonORMapper v3.1.0.2 (3/25/2005) includes the following:

    • Fixed Case where Delete with Lazy-Loaded Many-To-Many Timed Out
    • Fixed GetObjectCount to Support Oracle's return of Decimal Type
    • Thanks to Jeff Lanning for substantial Performance Improvements
    • Thanks to Paul Welter for Null Byte[] and Insert of keyType=None
    • Continued to Improve Exception Handling and Exception Messages
    • Also, see the Continued Improvements to Paul Welter's Templates

  • Atlanta .NET Regular Guys and Code Camp

    Matt Ranlett and Brendon Schwartz, aka the Atlanta .NET Regular Guys, met up with me recently for lunch and blogged about our chat in their "Tales from the Trenches" series.  I really enjoyed getting to learn more about both Matt and Brendon since I don't get out to the local user groups very often.  If you're in the Atlanta area then you really should have their blog in your reader since they are the definitive source for everything going on in Atlanta.  Their calendar has all the meetings in one place, often more accurate than the groups themselves, and they give attend all the meetings and summarize them.  They are also running the Atlanta Code Camp site, where I am going to be presenting "An Introduction to O/R Mapping" on May 14 at 8:45, using NHibernate in my examples due to the code camp "rules".   By the way, I'm always open to meeting anyone in the Atlanta area for lunch in Woodstock, Roswell/Alpharetta, or Marietta/Kennesaw -- its especially important when you work from home.

  • Job Available using the WilsonORMapper

    I don't intend to start posting jobs for everyone, but since this one is about jobs using my stuff it just makes sense.  :)

    IMS is hiring - looking for a passionate intermediate .Net developer.

    Tim Haines is looking for contractors to work from home on ASP.Net projects.  He's putting together a crew of people who use the Wilson O/R Mapper tool in their development strategy.  If you have an interest, get on over to and check it out.

  • Mats Helander has released ObjectMapper

    Mats Helander has released his ObjectMapper, with support for both NHibernate and his own NPersist (others, possibly my WilsonORMapper, may be supported in the future):

    MatsSoft ObjectMapper 2005 is the flexible, power-packed yet easy-to-use O/R Editor that finally turns Object/Relational Mapping into a visual experience!  Whether you prefer to begin by modeling your domain classes in UML or you have an existing database that you want to wrap, ObjectMapper is the tool for you!  With ObjectMapper's powerful code generators and reverse engineering engines, you can go from database to code and mapping files in less than a minute. And ObjectMapper creates a real, object oriented class model from your relational database - not just a class model that looks like a relational database!  Conversely, ObjectMapper is just as happy when asked to figure out a fully normalized relational database schema for the classes in your UML Diagrams - and to generate the actual database as well.  ObjectMapper 2005 is the must-have tool for all .NET developers who are serious about their O/R Mapping.  With one-click generation of all O/R Mapping settings, the room for mistakes is minimal - and if, despite this, some error should find its way into your model, the built-in Model Verifier will immediately let you know what is wrong - and usually tell you how to fix it, too!
    I pointed ObjectMapper at an existing database of mine and successfully created some NHibernate mappings (very similar to my WilsonORMapper) and entity classes -- yeah !

  • WilsonUIMapper v1.0 Released

    Why use a UI Mapper? Most reasons are centered around flexibility and maintainability. A good UI Mapper lets you target both Web and Windows applications, as well as making it easy to support multiple layouts and localization. Multiple layouts make it easy to provide role-specific views and/or user personalization, and the integration with your DAL or O/R Mapper makes it easy to support full paging and sorting, as well as multiple databases. A good UI Mapper also makes your UI very consistent and your code base much smaller, while letting you focus on your business logic, instead of worrying about how to create routine admin-like screens. Note that a good UI Mapper does not generate code that you have to compile and maintain.