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  • My Highlights of 2005 and Goals for 2006

    Professional Highlights in 2005:

    • WilsonORMapper Updated Several Times -- Generics, Nullables, Inheritance, Lookup Joins, and more
    • WilsonUIMapper v1.0 Released Publicly -- Several Well-Known Architects also Discussed UI Mappers
    • Speaker at the 1st Atlanta Code Camp -- Released Working Demo App for NHibernate used in my Talk
    • Slightly Better Community Involvement -- ASPInsider Summit, C# User Group, and Podcast Interviews
    • Also Very Busy with my Client Projects -- ASP.NET, WinForms, and most of all major Database Work
    Professional Goals for 2006:
    • WilsonWebPortal to be Released Soon -- This was a hopeful goal for 2005 but definitely to be done soon
    • Update both WebPortal and ORMapper -- There's always more to do, but the ORMapper is very complete
    • Speak more at Atlanta groups and events -- I went from 0 to 1 last year, so maybe I can do several more
    • Write articles on my WebPortal experience -- Lots of custom providers used, especially with O/R Mapper
    • Start looking ahead more at the next wave -- Workflow, Indigo, Linq and even DLing, Avalon, IIS 7, Atlas
    Personal Highlights in 2005:
    • Jenny is cancer free and working now
    • Worked on yard and some of house
    • Tori's dance recital was phenomenal
    • Zack reading great and started piano
    • Small but nice vacation in Gatlinburg
    Personal Goals for 2006:
    • Support Jenny in reconstruction phase
    • Finish the basement and maybe yard
    • Exercise more and get in better shape
    • Another small but nice family vacation
    • Plan for Hawaii vacation in early 2007