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  • FireFox Updates with no Warning in middle of Work

    I'm all for really trying to push updates needed for security on people by default, as long as there are options to disable that "feature", but it seems FireFox is a little overzealous.  Apparently the FireFox team just released v1.5.0.5, and so browser automatically found that update and installed it, which was the default setting.  What's the problem?  I had several pages open, and I was doing some real work in one (actively typing in an edit box), when with no warning all of my pages were simply closed and the install just started.  I cannot recall any application that doesn't give you a warning if you're currently woring in it before proceeding with an update, even when things are configured to be automatic with no user interaction.  Yes, I realize there is an option to ask me what I want to do instead of being automatic, but I think the difference should be that "ask me" does not do it automatically even when I'm not working, giving me complete control, while "automatic" should still give me a warning to save my work and close things if I am in the middle of things.  What do you think?