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Pet-Sitter Recommendation: Wholistic Sitting

This is a non-technical post, but I don't do this often, so please indulge me.  We recently went on a vacation and had to find a new pet-sitter for our dogs, cat, and fish/turtles.  We ended up choosing Wholistic Sitting and were very pleased with Tanya's service.  She sent us emails during our trip, including pictures, and it was obvious she was spending quality time with our pets given her descriptions.  The house was also well taken care of, accidents cleaned up, and the mail brought in.  So I'm very happy to recommend Wholistic Sitting if you need a pet-sitter in the Woodstock, Canton, or Roswell area of Georgia.  And if you've always done kennels then think again, as pet-sitting doesn't cost anymore, especially if you have more than one pet, and your pets are much better off in your own home.
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Mimsware Position Announcement: Senior Network Consultant

Mimsware is looking for a Senior Network Consultant.  Check out the job posting if you or someone you know in the Atlanta area is interested and qualified.
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Brendon Schwartz at the Atlanta Cutting Edge .NET User Group

The Atlanta Cutting Edge .NET User Group's monthly meeting is on Monday, February 5th, at 6:00 PM:

This month, Brendon Schwartz will introduce the new release of Sharepoint (now known as MOSS). We will cover the high level advancements that make up MOSS 2007 and take a look a few demos of the new UI and features.

Brendon Schwartz is an ASP.NET MVP in Atlanta. He is one of the "Atlanta .NET Regular Guys", as well as a founding member of the Atlanta Microsoft Professionals Group, and VP of Technology on the INETA Board of Directors. You can reach Brendon through his personal website at www.devcow.com, and visit his weblog at DevCow (http://devcow.com/blogs/adnrg/default.aspx).

I won't be able to attend this meeting, but it looks like a good one, so come on out if you can, and hopefully I can make next month.

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