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Do .NET 2.0 SP1 Binaries Fail Without SP1?

Do .net 2.0 service pack 1 compiled binaries fail when ran on machines without that service pack? Developers automatically get force-fed .net 2.0 sp1 when we install VS 2008, which doesn't sound like it should be a big concern typically. But what about...

Function to Load Enum-Typed Properties from Database

Here's a nice library function useful when loading enum-typed properties from your database: public static T ToEnum<T>(int typeValue) { return (T)Enum.ToObject(typeof(T), typeValue); }
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LINQ to SQL "Real" Example App Available

The Atlanta Code Camp was today, so I finally got to give my LINQ and O/R Mapping talk that I've been preparing. I tried to have minimal slides so that I could do a deep dive into real code, but I still went a little too long. The slides look great...
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Breaking News: Future Version of .NET Framework to Run on the Mac

Breaking News: Microsoft is working on having a version of the framework that will run on the Mac! That's right -- Rory broke this story just the other day in his interview with Scott Guthrie . First, a little bit of background, which although not...
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Atlanta Code Camp 2007 Registration is Open

Registration for Atlanta Code Camp 2007 on January 20th is now open. Space is limited and fills up fast, so do NOT delay registering -- it's free. Thanks to Jim Wooley for putting this together this year. I'll be presenting a session titled "Linq...
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Which Topic Would You Like to See at Atlanta CE

Which topic would you like to see me present at the Atlanta Cutting Edge .NET User Group (formerly the C# User Group)? I've given a presentation on Custom Providers in ASP.NET at Code Camp that some have asked me to do again, but it would be a repeat...
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Is .NET v3.0 (aka WinFX) going to be Synced with C# 3.0 (aka LINQ) ?

I think it makes great sense to rename WinFX to .NET v3.0, but I haven't seen any mention as to whether or not this implies any type of sync with C# 3.0 and LINQ, let alone DLINQ and ADO.NET v3.0 Entity stuff -- anyone have anything they can share? It...
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