VS 2005 Service Pack 1 Available -- Go Get It Now

If you haven't heard it already, VS 2005 Service Pack 1 is out and can be downloaded here.  It contains over 2200 bug fixes according to Scott Guthrie, as well as making Web Application Projects standard once again.  Also according to Scott, the install time can vary significantly depending on what you have installed, and is especially very long if you have C++ installed.  My own experience was that it took about an hour to install on my system, although that actually involved what I can only describe as two 1/2 hour installs.  Yes, maybe it was a fluke due to something on my system, but it installed once and said it was done, and then kept going with another install, including the exact same couple of dialogs, before finally asking to reboot.  Maybe your experience will be different, but in the end I suppose what matters the most is that our VS 2005 experience will now be improved every day.


  • The duplicate install is likely caused by the following: first you installed vs.net 2005 professional, and later on when you received the msdn team system edition like all the other dev mvp's, you installed/upgraded the install with teamsystem, and from then on, you get two times the install.

    I have this as well, with hotfixes and this service pack also tried to do this. So I decided to postpone it a little and first re-install vs.net, now just teamsystem, not the professional edition first. :)

  • No SP1 for VStudio 2005 professional?

  • Kevin:

    Professional is included in that, but here's the link that says that and has other links for Express:


    Interesting theory, but no dice here since this is a machine I've built from the ground up after having team system, so it did not start with Pro (unlike my older machine). Maybe its because I added Data Dude?

  • Paul,
    Thanks, You are correct. I see they even added a footnote next to it stating that.


  • Paul: hmm, ok :)

    Kevin: use the same servicepack. :)

  • 20 minutes for me. I ran it from the command line with /quiet. I'm even on a mediocre PC (with notoriously bad performance with heavy paging).

    I think the key is to run with /quiet.

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