ASP.NET MVC – Poll Time

Justin Etheredge recently wrote about the RAD support that he would like to see in ASP.NET MVC and I do agree with him very much (as a side note, I highly recommend his blog you should subscribe). I am also planning to create some reusable UI components for ASP.NET MVC and I need your feedback prior starting it.

Please answer the following three Polls (Yes I am a Twitter fan):

  1. Which View Engine do you use in ASP.NET MVC – Webform Vs. Spark Vs. NHaml Vs. ….?
  2. What kind of UI Components do you prefer for Webform View Engine - HtmlHelper Vs. Control?
  3. Which Javascript framework your ASP.NET MVC UI component should depend – jQuery Vs. ExtJS Vs. MS Ajax?

Thanks for participating.

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  • I would like to see jQuery for javascript framework.

  • - Using webform view engine right now but thinking about using Spark in the future

    - I'd like to see a html helper or control that can accomodate html block in it like Rails.
    For e.g.

    Some div content here.

    - Using jQuery right now but I think ASP.NET MVC still lacks lots of ajax related helpers or helpers in general. Something like Rails and Prototype would be great.

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