Just released System.Web.Mvc.Extensibility Beta

I am announcing the beta of System.Web.Mvc.Extensibility.

There has been quite a few changes in this release :

  • Added support for PerWebRequest lifetime.
  • Removed the “base” suffix from the abstract class.
  • I am dropping the Autofac. After struggling quite a few days to add PerWebRequest support, I came to the conclusion that adding such support requires quite a lot of changes which is almost same as rewriting the Autofac itself. Though Autofac uses IScope for Lifetime management but internally it uses the enum instead of that interface. I will look forward to upcoming release of Autofac, if the next release supports custom lifetime management without creating a child container, I will again add it in the supported container list.
  • Both BootstrapperTask and PerRequestTask returns boolean in the Execute method. This comes handy when you want to break the execution of the tasks chain.
  • You can also set Skip=true (static) which would exclude the task from the execution list.
  • etc etc.

You can download the binaries from the following locations:

I will be also releasing few ASP.NET MVC Open source applications in coming weeks which depends on this framework.

So stay tuned!!!

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